Happy New Year Dear Readers!! I hope you are all well, feeling peaceful and finding ways to be true to your nature.

This year brought a lot of changes to space2live including a website makeover and the addition of personal coaching services with me, Brenda. I’ve loved helping clients reveal and revel in their true selves. I get such joy from these relationships. Really.

The web URL may have changed from space2live.net to brendaknowles.com but the essence and content of space2live are still present and embodied in the new site. I still share my personal stories and champion introverts and highly sensitive people and encourage them to pay attention, reflect and evolve.

I’ve added a component to space2live that speaks to those with an intuitive way of perceiving the world, based on the description of intuition found in Myers Briggs typology. In other words, if you have an N in your Myers Briggs type or know yourself to be a ‘big picture’, future oriented, open to possibilities, fairly adaptable, pattern recognizer, you may be an intuitive thinker. I am an INFP myself and have recently realized how much my intuitive perception affects my way of being. Only 25% of the population are intuitive perceivers. I want to include Intuitive types in my work toward cultural and self awareness and advocacy.

I also have a keen interest in enhancing the relationships and intimacy you experience as an introverted, intuitive and sensitive person.

All of the above, is represented in the following top 5 new posts on brendaknowles.com for 2015. We have everything from suggestions for improving sleep to how an introvert adds a significant other to their life.

Enjoy! I look forward to connecting with you in 2016. Thank you so much for reading, learning and growing along with me. I truly appreciate this community.



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Through Different Eyes by Rona Keller

Through Different Eyes by Rona Keller

Top 5 New Posts of 2015

1. Introverts and Withdrawal: Why We Do It: Why introverts retreat to solitude or pull away from a relationship. A list of why introverts withdraw and what gives them the energy to return.

2. How to be Mentally and Emotionally Strong if You’re a Sensitive Intuitive Introvert:Tips for staying mentally and emotionally strong as a sensitive, intuitive introvert. How to beat the blues, overwhelm and anxiety. Quotes from author, James Altucher, of the book, Choose Yourself.

3. How an Introvert Adds a Significant Other to Their Life: Making Space for Relationships :Introverts keep their number of relationships to a manageable number. How does an introvert add a new love to their already relationship-full life?

4. Sleep and the Sensitive Person:Sensitive, introverted and sleep deprived? How to calm your mind and body and find deep, restorative sleep. What to avoid and include before bed.

5. Finding Someone Who ‘Gets’ You: The Electric Feeling of Connecting with Another Intuitive Thinker:Do you learn and process differently than most? Do you constantly interpret and look for meaning? Do you crave connecting with others like you? You might be an intuitive.