Helping sensitive people create emotional resilience, intimate connections and secure relationships. 

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Are you an especially sensitive person interested in learning how to find love and thrive? 

I understand. I am a sensitive introvert. I can help you navigate relationships and see your unique gifts. 

Are you, your child or your partner experiencing anxiety to the point it is affecting your health and/or lifestyle?

I’ve personally experienced such worry and anxiety. I can help you manage the ups and downs and build emotional resilience.

Are you emotionally drained by resentment or conflict? 

I can help you clear the resentment and use the conflict for personal growth.

Are you an extrovert trying to understand your sensitive mate’s need to withdraw? 

I can help you understand your partner’s need for distance. 

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No Space, No Time to Do a Good Job

January 31st, 2020|2 Comments

Working six or eight hour days is not the problem. The structure of the schedule is. Multitasking does not work. Multitasking the care of people is especially problematic. The students I work with are a vulnerable population. They have ADHD, high anxiety, physical impairments, autism, Down Syndrome and other mental challenges. Cutting in and out of their care, does not help them or anyone, progress.

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