Podcasts with Brenda

Quiet and Strong podcast
Interview with David Hall on The Quiet and Strong Podcast. Episode 46: Introvert Relationships. 

Valeria Fit for Joy podcastInterview with Valeria Teles on Fit for Joy podcast. Highly sensitive, interdependent, empowered. 


introvert dear podcastJenn Granneman and Bo Miller of Introvert, Dear Podcast: What You Need to Know about Introvert Romantic Relationships

Sarah Santacroce of Introvert Biz Growth: Leveraging Focus to Deep Work as an Introvert

Vincent Ketchie of Relationship Helpers: The Power of Being an Introvert

Melissa Panero of Beautifully Vulnerable: How to Create an Authentic, Fulfilling and Loving Relationship

Michaela Chung of Introvert Spring: Introverts and Intimacy