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Finding a mental resource can be tricky. We all want to be heard, and even if we aren’t involved in an actual conversation, there are still ways to fill this need. Those who spend a lot of time in their heads, may find themselves struggling with mental health issues. If you are more introverted, reaching out to professionals for help, advice or assistance isn’t always appealing. Online, there are great creators in the entertainment industry that provide mental health guidance and information. There are videos, music, articles, and last but not least podcasts; we will be specifically covering mental health podcasts today. If all you need is content to relate and connect to while learning to cope with your wellbeing, these 5 mental health podcasts can help you do just that.


The Happiness Lab

Struggling to find happiness is something most people can relate to. This pressure can evoke anxiety, depression, and overall life satisfaction. The Happiness Lab podcast is hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, who is a professor at Yale. On the podcast, Dr. Santos shares factual information on what happiness really is. Through her stories, Dr Santos shows listeners that happiness shouldn’t be forced. “If you are having conflict regarding minimal joy in life, try listening to the Happiness Lab to gain clarity. We can all relate to mental health because that’s a part of all of our lives,” mentions Peter Blossom, mental health blogger at Eliteassignmenthelp and Essay Services.


In Recovery

Addiction is a huge contributor to poor mental health; those with poor mental health can develop addiction as well. Life’s roadblocks lead millions of vulnerable people down scary paths. Some believe that their last resort is to rely on a practice that is harmful to their health, worsening their current life situation. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other dangerous practices are all things people can get addicted to. Dr. Nzinga Harrison helps listers who have struggled with addiction in the past and those who are still facing it. She is a certified physician with credentials to discuss addiction related to medication. No matter what your addiction is, Dr. Harrison has likely covered it in one of her episodes. This podcast is extremely helpful if you need a safe space to sort through your experience with addiction.


Mental Health: Hope and Recovery

Sometimes listening to someone who has been in a similar position is the best thing you can do. This podcast features two hosts who have faced intense mental journeys. Valerie Milburn and Helen Sneed created the “Mental: Hope and Recovery” podcast to help those who are in the same place they used to be. These kind hearted women share their stories so that their audience can feel understood. There is no reason to fear closeness to Valerie and Helen because they are in the same boat as many of us. They dive into topics that include: eating disorders, addiction, mental health disorders, and more recently, impacts the pandemic has had on mental health in our society. The only downside to this podcast is that Valerie and Helen aren’t professionals; their podcast is still incredible, but don’t take everything they mention as a concrete fact. 


Meditation Minis

Who doesn’t love taking a dedicated moment to relax and fade away from life’s worries. Sadly, many of us don’t have the time to take an hour to meditate because we are in a time crunch. Thankfully, the Meditation Minis podcast solves this problem. You may prefer listening to a guided meditation rather than a long podcast. Chel Hamilton, the host of Meditation Minis has an immensely soothing voice. Her podcast episodes are targeted to those who wish to work on regulating their anxiety. Her podcast has had an overwhelming amount of success: 30 million downloads, thousands of followers on multiple platforms, and an abundance of 5 star ratings. “The episodes only feature ads at the start, are completely free, and teach listeners valuable meditation techniques. This is your opportunity to tackle your anxiety by giving Chel’s meditation episodes a listen,” shares Shan Baklin, writer at Custom Writing Services and Revieweal.


The Hilarious World of Depression

Dark humor is one way people cope with their mental health disorders. Comedian John Moe hosts the Hilarious World of Depression. His goal is to provide those who have depression to feel accepted. John fights the stigmas revolving around depression, and cheers listeners up with his well thought out humour. 


All of these podcasts each bring something new to the table. Introverts often need free time to do what fills them up. During that time, prioritize your mental health by listening to one of these 5 podcasts.


Guest Post: Writer Emily Henry works at Custom Assignment and Essay Help. Emily writes about mental health and other topics. She also blogs on Best essay writing services.

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