I’ve had to stick up for my temperament and my writing many times. It never seems to get easier. I still feel I’m saying the words ‘awkward’ or ‘weird’ when I say I’m an introvert. I still hesitate to say I’m a writer when asked what I do as a career. Both words seem to need justification, validation and positive explanations immediately after their utterance. Will they ever be as cool and accepted as saying you are an extroverted corporate executive? Perhaps not, but introversion awareness is growing and I find a lot of purpose and pleasure in the work I do. I see light at the end of the tunnel, lots of light.

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This week I wrote a post for Wise Introvert. Marla Hunter-Bellavia, the beautiful mind behind Wise Introvert, is delightful and insightful. She encourages women introverts to Be Brave, Be Seen and Be True. She is a coach, inspiration and mentor who gets behind her readers and clients and helps them define introversion on their terms and create careers/lives that allow them to be authentic and free. I do not take the time to do guest posts unless I truly believe in the message and quality found on the other person’s site. Marla’s work inspires me. Please enjoy my writing and hers this week on Wise Introvert. Please click on this link: How to Foster a Career Despite a Lack of Support to find my post and Marla’s wisdom.


Thank you.:)