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Are you an especially sensitive person interested in learning how to find love and thrive? 

I understand. I am a sensitive introvert. I can help you navigate relationships and see your unique gifts. 

Are you experiencing a transition, moving from an old self who didn’t honor your nature to a new self who wants to be authentic and strong?

I’ve personally experienced such a transition. I can offer validation, insight and encouragement in this new phase of your life.

Are you and your partner more roommates than lovers?

I know how that feels. I can help you restore the spark and intimacy.

Are you an introvert weary and overwhelmed from acting like an extrovert? 

I’ve been there. I can teach you how to own your introversion.

Is your life emotionally drained by resentment or conflict? 

I can help you clear the resentment and use the conflict for personal growth.

Are you an extrovert trying to understand your introverted mate’s need to withdraw? 

I can help you understand the differences in your personality preferences. 



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