Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 2021! Before we leap from 2020 to the new year, I want to share some of the most read posts from 2020. Most of them make sense when seen in the context of the trying year. 2020 had most of us mourning the loss of autonomy, struggling to sleep, witnessing racial injustice protests and searching for ways to escape feelings of uncertainty.

  1. Loss of Autonomy: How One of Our Greatest Fears Affects Relationships: As humans, we fear losing three things:autonomy, identity and a future. In this post, I share my personal experience with loss of autonomy when combining households with my husband. Loss of autonomy is especially difficult for those with avoidant attachment styles and an introverted temperament.
  2. Simple Tip to Turn Off Worrying and Help You Sleep: This post offers relief from the ruminating mind. It’s easy and effective. I have used it many, many times.
  3. In Minneapolis: Riots Are the Language of the Unheard: The riots that took place in my home city over the summer, sparked outrage and protests all over the country. In this post, I attempt to express empathy and understanding for fellow humans who admittedly have different life experiences than me. I also acknowledge my learning has just begun.
  4. Notes on Coronavirus Consequences: This is a brief note about the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak. It’s interesting to see how naive my beliefs were at the start of this. I actually thought his pandemic could bring us all together.
  5. Acting Our Way into Feeling: How Action Motivates More than Thoughts: Our brains are hardwired by experiences and feelings. Passively living and learning only get us so far. Action pulls us forward in life. In this post, I discuss the neuroscience of motivation and how to overcome stagnation.






Lastly, I wanted to include a post that received a lot of ‘likes’. Exercise and Self-Efficacy. In this piece, I discuss how exercising gives us power and confidence. Fitness is more than a step to good health. It is a step to good living.


Do you have a favorite bk.com post from this year? Was there one that hit home or helped you in some way? I’d love to hear about it.