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A little behind the scenes tour of space2live’s purpose, process and inspiration.:)

I was generously invited to be part of a blog hop by the incredibly inspiring and creatively joy-bookenthusiastic Julie B. Genovese of Please check out Julie’s writing. I promise you will leave her site feeling better about yourself, the world, art, love, everything. Her style flows wildly and effervescently, such a JOY to read. While you’re at it, read some of the gushing reviews (one from Dr.Wayne Dyer!) for her book also titled, Nothing Short of Joy. I just ordered a signed copy.:)

About the blog hop: Each blogger on the blog hop tour answers four questions regarding their writing process then passes the baton on to three (or in my case two) other writers they admire. The two writers I chose to include are writing kindred spirits. Both of them have wise, thoughtful, engaging and meaningful messages to share. They express themselves elegantly. I enjoy them both immensely! Their bios are included at the end of this post.

Now on with the questions —

1. What am I working on? 

Beyond weekly posts for space2live on introversion, relationships and self-discovery, I have been writing guest posts for other sites like I also recently designed and wrote content for a professional website I hope to use as a foundation for a career in life coaching. I want to champion the introvert, the feeler and the feminine in all of us. I have a deep fascination and interest in coaching others with regards to intimacy. More to come on the coaching aspect as it progresses.

There is always the ever evolving book I keep in my head, in copious spiral notebooks and within the pages of space2live.

And… all of the above plays second or third or thirty-fifth to raising my three rascals and keeping our home safe, lively and loving.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would say from the beginning my posts and stories have been more about the experience of living as an introvert rather than the explanation of what one is. My posts are often deeply personal containing everything from the shame of needing space from my children to the failing of my marriage to the glory of dating triumphs and passionate exploration. I don’t hold much back. My writing is poetic, flowery, sensual and real.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I didn’t like writing papers in school. I didn’t believe I was creative enough to write. It wasn’t until my late 30s that I realized writing isn’t all about making things up. It’s about getting them down. Thank you Brenda Ueland (my writing and personal hero).

Writing is truly cathartic and therapeutic for me. It’s my story and I learn about myself every time I write. The added bonus is the high I get from the reactions and connections I receive from readers who ‘get me’ and/or see themselves in my words.

It sounds cliché but I had this voice or message screaming inside of me that had to get out. It took me a long time to find validation for who I am. I want to hurry along that process for others. I spill my guts and feelings and hope to make others feel better or at least understood.

I want introverts and sensitive souls to know they are not alone. I want them to get the message, There is nothing wrong with you. 

Anytime, I soothe a wound, enhance a relationship or help someone hold their head high, I burst with happiness inside. It’s the best feeling.

4. How does your writing process work?

This would assume I have a writing process… Umm. I used to start writing a post on Monday in order to have something completed by Friday at 3PM. Now, most of the time I write the post on Thursday night and polish it up on Friday. I’ve learned to create faster. Adding images, suggested further reading and thoughtful questions at the end of the piece, can take up to two hours. I seem to need the pressure of a looming deadline in order to kick it in to high gear. I gave myself the 3PM deadline to feel more official and to limit my dillydallying. I honestly battle what writer, Steven Pressfield, calls Resistance every day for a good hour or two before I settle down and actually get the-beautiful-part-of-writing-is-that-you-dont-have-to-get-it-right-the-first-time-unlike-say-a-brain-surgeonanything coherent typed on the screen. I will do anything to avoid writing — check email, dink around on Pinterest, check my account, throw in laundry, respond to texts, polish silver, you get the picture. But then magically, I’ll find myself at the end of a post.

Most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers’ writing, books I read, daily experiences, mystical conversations and my dating life. I pay attention and note coincidences and feelings of wonder. My favorite things to write about are dating and relationships in general. I love love and all the nuances, heart bursting/breaking and growth that comes with it. I’m ever in awe of the human condition and its desire to connect spiritually, physically and emotionally.



And now to pass the blog baton on to two amazing writer heroines who will post responses to the four questions on their own sites on April 21st. I highly encourage you to check them out.

michaelachungMichaela Chung: Michaela is a writer, blogger and world traveler. She is the creator of, a blog about authenticity, intimacy, nonconformity and the journey within.  Her Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.  Read more about Michaela and her journey here.



Ilona Fried Blog PicIlona Fried:Ilona Fried is a writer, seeker, occasional contrarian and recovering introvert. Her blog,, reflects her curiosity and preference to avoid ordering from the prix fixe menu (of either food, assumptions or beliefs). A contemplative, she’s sat in silent retreats in Jewish and Zen settings and walked 520 miles of El Camino de Santiago in Spain. She strives in her writing to bring awareness and a spiritual perspective to the menu of life. Every so often she’ll rant.