I’ve created, pondered and tested features and aspects of the new website,, over the last few months. When I wasn’t busy being a mom, girlfriend and writer, I was wondering how to serve my space2live audience. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to market and promote the new site and my personal coaching services. All of this is exciting and meaningful to me, but instead of feeling fulfilled I started to feel anxious.

Then, in today’s Sunday morning stillness, I remembered what I am all about and what space2live is all about: taking time to go internal, to be truly alone with our thoughts where we feel most energized and alive and to be accepted for that.

From the beginning of space2live, I was searching for a space to authentically express myself. I was looking for a space to find validation and acceptance for my introverted and empathetic way of being. This morning as I luxuriated in the quietness of pre-dawn, I realized that is still what I want and need. I now know that is what others want and need too.

Welcome to

All of the same encouraging and vulnerable content of space2live exists here on the home page and under the blog tab. I’ve included a space where you’ll find books, websites, articles and individuals that have moved or changed me in a meaningful way. I now offer personal coaching services so that I can help others feel more at home with their sensitive nature and find comfort and healing in their relationships. Many who love someone sensitive have come to me looking for answers. I love helping them gain understanding regarding their partners.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about living as an introvert and highly sensitive person. I’ve had many kind mentors show me respect and appreciation for my temperament. I want to do the same for others.

enough comfort to be themselves

Please have a look around the new site. Read this and watch the video below to learn more about me and my background.

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May be a safe haven for you to get lost in your thoughts, re-energize and feel totally accepted.


Stay true and loving,




Personal and Relationship Coaching for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People from Brenda Knowles: Space2live on Vimeo.

**Special thank you to Peter Bockenhauer and Paula West of Westwords Consulting for their patience and incredible skills for creating website magic.

**Special thank you to Erica Hanna and Nick Kesler of Puke Rainbows for their creative talent and beautiful work. The new intro video expresses exactly what I wanted to say.