Will we get to the point where we are so desperate for human warmth and loving kindness that we get rid of the packaged Lunchable of progress and dig into the  fertile soil of caring and community?  Is the vigilant embracing of all things organic the first step in realizing a natural way of living? For now we are searching and conversing at farmer’s markets, co-ops and the local artisan bread maker’s shop. We are hungry for acceptance, imperfection, reflection and humanity. We seek out listening, simplicity and joy.  Somehow it all got eaten up by rapid technology and artificial flavors.

Artificial Flavors

Mainstream America shakes their heads and waves their iPhones at spiritual nuts and granolas.  It’s much easier to say yes to the majority and the convenient than it is to be sugarcerealdifferent or put forth real effort.

Sustainability. Can we sustain this rapid vapid existence of beeps and schedule munching?  Or will we be composted toast by Monday?

So Many People to Feed

The move towards natural eating and cooking is a small start to fulfilling a deep longing. We are barely hanging on.  We need real sustenance, nutrients to feed our soul.  To stop dying. To stop being dead.  To live with color, vibrancy and ripeness. Let’s go back to the source.  To nature.  To us. The more colorful your plate the healthier the meal.  The more colorful your way of being the healthier your spirit.

I-care-graphicThe elements are mixing and a grassroots effort toward conscious and conscientious living is spreading.  The roots are anchoring and the shoots are reaching upward.  Word of mouth and words of books pollinate minds as they open in sun-filled spaces under patient and nurturing care. It takes space and introspection for healthy ideas, love and contentedness to germinate. Do you have the courage to grow something real? Do you have the tools to plant patience and caring for others?

Artists as Farmers


Portrait by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Have you ever wondered how a musical note, a line of prose or a film scene passes through your senses and stirs your humanity? Artists.  The farmers of feelings. Artists are natural dreamers, creators, and outsiders.  They breathe beauty in and out.  They expel the garbage of processed living and cherish the peach of truth; the vulnerability and honest core that is planted deep within us all. Artists plant seeds of wonder in order to grow wonder.  They cultivate compassion because of and despite their personal flaws.
The good news?  We are all artists, creators, chefs of universal meaning. We only have to plow through unconsciousness and pick up a hoe and do some real work towards vivid, connected, living.  Only then will we smell spring in the air and find ourselves awake and growing.

Are you living real or artificially? Are you awake or dormant? When was the last time you spread kindness or beauty?

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