They come in again and the same thing happens two times more. The couch gag is frequently used to make the show longer or shorter, depending on the length of the episode itself. Homer grabs the remote control and all the artwork on the wall changes channels. The top half of Marge pops off revealing Bart, whose top half pops off revealing Lisa, whose top half finally pops off to reveal Maggie, who stays in the middle of Homer’s body, and sucks on her pacifier. The Simpsons and their living room are all made out of gingerbread; Homer takes a bite out of Bart's head. The Simpsons are gingerbread cookies, who run on a plate set out for Santa Claus. Homer then returns to the couch, and smacks Bart in the back of the head in order to return him to his normal color (yellow). Many citizens of Springfield are also there. The family runs into the living room to find the couch missing, only to have the couch fall and crush them. The Simpsons sit on the couch. The camera then zooms past Moe's Tavern into the Kwik-E-Mart where Apu is secretly changing the expiration date on a carton of milk from 2006 to 2008. The family sits. The family’s heads are mismatched. The sculptor then turns the statue of the Simpsons into a statue of a Civil War soldier on a horse. The family sits on the couch and Homer gets "squashed" off, landing with a soft ". Except for Maggie, who comes in and has a medal and isn't injured. High amount of views. Jean said Banksy "sent back boards for pretty much what you saw. Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the sharks' mouths. When the family sits on the couch, they prop their feet up, revealing their black and smoldering soles. Several movie characters reappear, including president Schwarzenegger, the Multi-Eyed Squirrel, Colin, Russ Cargill, and the Medicine Woman. But, they don't pay attention to where they're going and bump into each other and fall over. They work their way through the laser beams and sit down. Homer appears as Olaf, and bites his own nose, disappointed to discover it is simply a carrot. Sort: Relevant Newest # homer simpson # bart simpson # marge simpson # money # lisa simpson # episode 16 # season 13 # couch gag # 13x16 # homer simpson # marge simpson # hey # episode 20 # season 10 # dog # homer simpson # season 3 # bart simpson # marge simpson # bart simpson # … This is The Simpsons' 'White Christmas Blues' couch gag featuring a lot of snow, a few Christmas trees and a dollop of festive spirit. (This one is frequently used as the opening couch gag on syndicated versions of Simpsons episodes from seasons one to five.). The family runs in and freezes in mid-air, and the camera pans around them in, Maggie is on the couch. The couch is folded out into a bed with Grampa sleeping on it. Stash For Later Remove. In 2008, Homer is missing, Marge is wearing black, and the kids are wearing their Sunday clothes. Bart as Kristoff hits her with a snowball and she immediately creates a giant ice palace, with Bart stuck at the top. The police arrive, and the family flees on the couch driven by Homer. Directed by David Silverman. "Hardly Kirk-ing" RABF05 522 Original airing: Homer Shake. [20] An extended couch gag was also seen in the first episode to use the new opening sequence, "Take My Life, Please", where the family chases their couch on a tour across the world. The couch is a ski lift. Homer then asks for the couch, which a sherpa brings up, and the family sits. Homer sends a message with emoji of him, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the couch, and recieves in answer "Meh" "I don't get it" "Needs a payoff" "Created by Matt Groening", to which he says "Oh, sorry, yes sir", and "Developed by James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon", to which he says "Who are this guys? Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! Mariah Wants A Mulligan For Chirstmas. It zooms out revealing more Simpsons toys, until enough to see Bart and Marge. The Simpsons' couch breaks them out, and leads the family to a buried Lard Lad statue. Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa poke their heads out from behind the couch, and Maggie pokes out from behind the center cushion. Ned Flanders tries and is successful. They all sit but Homer is ejected into space. [15], During the opening sequence, Lisa is seen being ejected from band rehearsal due to her non-conformist saxophone playing. A montage of couch gags from 8F18, 9F02, 9F10, 9F09, 8F09, 1F02, 2F31, 2F09, 2F06, 1F17, 2F11, and 9F08. The family runs to the couch, only to shrivel to piles of dust. An homage to the AMC drama Breaking Bad is used as an opening sequence for "What Animated Women Want", set to the tune of "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells. The family comes in, colorless and marked with numbers. The family sits on the couch and end up bouncing over and under each other until they're in completely different places on the couch. The camera then zooms past the nuclear power plant and into the town square where Jimbo and Kearney saw off the head of the statue of Jebediah Springfield (a callback to "The Telltale Head") which falls onto the head of Ralph, who is holding an ice cream cone. Al Jean deemed it "crazier than we thought" and "the most insane one we've ever done". The Simpsons are frogs (with Maggie as a tadpole) jumping to a lily pad "couch". With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. For example, in the storyboards, the workers were wearing conical Asian hats, but these were removed. A second family comes and also sits on the couch. The living room is covered in thick, jungle plants. People start to eat each Simpson off of a sushi plate that is sitting on a moving boat except for Homer who falls into the water and gets eaten by a fish after the boat flips over. It is then revealed that the sweatshop is contained within a grim version of the 20th Century Fox logo, surrounded by barbed wire, searchlights, and a watchtower. The Simpsons break into the museum as criminals/cat-burglars, and make their way to the couch by disguising themselves to blend in with the various exhibits they pass through. This entry was posted in Buildings, Decorations, Where Did THAT Come From and tagged 2015 TSTO Holiday Event, Christmas Tree Stand Simpsons, Circus of Values Simpsons, Crafting Act 2, Crafting for Christmas, Ice Sculpture Simpsons Couch Gag Whiskey Business Simpsons, Tapped Out Christmas Update, The Simpsons Tapped Out, TSTO Addicts, TSTO Christmas 2015, X-Mas Trees Slightly Irregular Simpsons. He fails, so he steals the Flanders' couch. When the family comes in, he growls ferociously, and the family backs away slowly. The family sits, and the couch tips over backwards and crashes through the wall. In this last instance, she drags the instrument with her and continues playing once Mr. Largo orders her out of the room. The standard opening has had two major revisions. Homer tries to blend in, but ends up in the wrong art form, and says D'oh! Santa's Little Helper licks the sundae, taking scoops of the ice cream away, and burps as he leaves the room. Bart puts a coin in the "Magic Fingers" slot on his side of the couch. The Simpsons‘ spikey-haired brainiac channels her inner Elsa this Sunday (Fox, 8/7c) during a Frozen-inspired couch gag, and she’s not the only family member doing a little cosplaying. Ralph Wiggum comes in, selects a Homer figurine, and bites the head off before leaving. He wakes up Barney in the process, who then grabs his skateboard and breaks it in half, forcing him to walk home. The phrase he writes on the chalkboard changes from episode to episode. The Simpsons are five malfunctioning wind-up dolls who buzz and waddle their way to the couch (or at least near it). A Polaroid photo ejects onto the couch, and it develops into a photo of the family. The banner then falls down. The family goes through different decades. [22] The live-action opening had also become an Internet hit before it was aired in front of "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", and it was Groening's decision to use it. Like a fax machine, the couch ejects a sheet of paper with a screenshot of the family, which then floats up into the air, before sliding beneath the couch. The couch sits in the middle of a desert; the family, in western cowboy garb, sits on the couch, which gallops off into the sunset. "[39] He continued: "The visual look of the show, which has been so carefully controlled by its producers, becomes a giddy and unrestrained playground for graphic play, and the balance of creative authority is shifted from the writers’ room to the animators in one fell swoop." Maude Flanders and Marvin Monroe, however, remains in the pan across Springfield, despite having also died, For some reason Marge and Maggie's supermarket and car sequences have been cut, Jimbo and Kearney saw off the star of the Christmas tree instead of the head of Jebediah Springfield and the star falls on Ralph who is licking a frozen pole, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into a pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, exposing Grampa underneath as he holds a sign that says "Still warmer than nursing home", The plant has been replaced with Santa's Workshop, Homer paints a cane and Lenny changes the number of "days till March 28, actual birth of Christ" on the sign from 94 to 93 before falling off the ladder, Marge's supermarket has been replaced by a gift shop, Maggie is gifted, she stamps Baby Gerald as "defective", and two men take him away, Snow falls on Lisa after she finishes her solo, Homer's car has been replaced with a snowmobile and Otto smokes on the cane when it lands on his lap, Marge's car has been replaced with a dog sled, two more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other mean sled away, and Maggie imitates Marge's rope throwing, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into the pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, who is being played by two polar bears, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "days until Greek Orthodox Christmas" on the sign from 31 to 30 before falling off the ladder, At Marge's gift shop, Maggie gives Baby Gerald a present to make him feel better, At band practice, everyone plays "Jingle Bells", and Lisa gets completely covered in snow after she finishes her solo, In Marge's dog sled scene, an abominable snowman is seen in the background, and three more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other two mean sleds away, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he crashes into Frosty the Snowman, who was built by Groundskeeper Willie, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "Bricks and Mortar stores remaining" on the sign from 24 to 23 before falling off the ladder, At band practice, everyone plays "Deck the Halls" ("'Tis the 30th Season" only), In Marge's dog sled scene, an elf is seen in the background, and four more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other three mean sleds away ("Gone Boy" only), In "'Tis the 30th Season", the shot of the family on their way back to 742 Evergreen Terrace have been cut, This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 22:48. The Simpsons are shown as Chia Pets on a plant display cart instead of the couch. Maggie, however, is replaced by lucky number "7" as a pile of gold coins spill out. One of the Homers shouts, "Hey, don't shove! (in Kang's voice) and blasts Lisa with her ray-gun. The Simpsons swim to the couch in deep-sea diving gear. The Simpsons, Patty, and Selma gather around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving meal, but soon gather their plates and head for the couch where they watch a football game on TV. None of the things he depicts are true. The family sits on the couch and sinks halfway in. The Simpsons are at an underground train station where a train pulls in and opens its doors, revealing the living room, complete with couch. As he does so, the uranium rod bounces into the air and falls down the back of his radiation suit. Bart and Lisa walk to the coal mine in sorrow with the other kids, but Marge tells them that they forgot Maggie, so she gives Maggie to them. How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window? The Simpsons are zombies who break through the floor and groan as they sit on the couch. When Morty returns, Rick finishes the restoration process. A parody of several Beatles album covers. Notably in "Bart the Genius", the famous high-pitched scream of Homer's when he runs from Marge's car into the house is cut. The Simpson family sits on the couch. The family, dressed as hockey players with cuts and scrapes, skate into the living room and skate around the couch. The last cover features the double decker bus running over The Simpsons who were recreating the Abbey Road walk. Homer and Bart appear as hand puppets, and they begin attacking each other. Since season 3, the new version of the opening theme is used throughout the sequence, and Homer has to yell "D'oh" when he dodges Lisa on her bike. Many episodes do not feature a chalkboard gag because they are cut to make more room for story, plot development and advertisements. The family, dressed in rain gear, sits on the couch, before an enormous wave washes them away. The couch is replaced by a small wooden chair. The family sits, but the couch falls apart, leaving them sitting on cushions on the floor. My brain!” as he's being pulled out of frame. When comparing the segment to Banksy's, Amidi concluded that it is "in fact, far more subversive because he focuses almost exclusively on making a pictorial statement, relegating the show's dominant literary elements to the back seat. The couch is outside, mounted on the end of a catapult. Instead of the couch, the Simpsons (dressed as Victorian-era Christmas carolers) appear next to a Christmas tree and sing a parody of ". At band practice, Mr. Largo dismisses Lisa, who plays a solo as she leaves and then pokes her head back in the door to finish it. Everyone but Homer gets many balls in. Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers walk past. A gardener comes in and creates a topiary of the Simpsons. Homer puts a coin in; nothing happens. Homer doesn't notice. When the school bell rings, Bart leaves in a hurry and skateboards out of the school doors. The scene changes to Marge at the supermarket checkout with her older twin sisters, Patty and Selma. The couch and floor are covered in bubble wrap, which the Simpsons pop. A banner above the couch reads "America: The Most Powerful Country In The World". The opening sequence for the first season showed Bart stealing a "Bus Stop" sign; whilst the new sequence featured him skateboarding past several characters who had been introduced during the previous season. the gag turns into a painting similar to ", The Simpsons run to the couch, dressed as characters from. The event requires Level 12 to start. Sea monkey versions of the family swim in and sit on the clam couch. The Simpsons (also in towels) arrive, but leave sheepishly as the three men glare at them. Suddenly, the power goes out. [38] The newspaper also reported that the creation of the sequence "is said to have been one of the most closely guarded secrets in US television – comparable to the concealment of Banksy's own identity. Marge and Lisa push Homer into a art museum. The, The living room floor is frozen over. The family runs to the couch but knocks themselves unconscious in the process. They all run into the living room and sit on the couch before a number of characters lift them up. Marge moves the picture behind the couch and opens a safe to reveal Maggie and gold. The family crawls to the couch, but the room dissolves, leaving them under the desert sun. The classic opening couch gags on "The Simpsons" are constantly being reinvented, but this latest one truly stands out from WATCH: 'Ren And Stimpy' Creator Does 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Known mostly for his grotesquely-drawn, hyperkinetic cartoons, Kricfalusi brings his decidedly unique vision to his "Simpsons Homer can be heard saying, "Woo-hoo!". A fax copy of the Simpsons tries to come through.