It’s been a crazy week for the world. We are all getting through our ‘normal’ days with thoughts of closings and coronavirus on our minds.

The thought of so many people being cut off from their communities makes me worry. Colleges, sports teams, places of worship and places of business are all shuttering up and sending people home. Bonus we may get more family time, but not bonus we will be cut off from the things that give us purpose outside of our homes.

We’ve been told as a society we are not interacting in person enough, now we HAVE TO stay home and watch Netflix. We will be learning online, shopping online, talking online and entertaining ourselves online. We don’t have to go online but it is almost a lifeline at this point.

The virus is wreaking havoc before it is even really here. My son’s college closed and cancelled all spring sports. He’s a rower. I know he’ll miss the camaraderie and discipline of his team. That sounds minor but the structure and friendships and good health habits go a long way when supporting mental well-being. We had to cancel our vacation plans for spring break. We were headed to New York City with three of our kids. Airbnb gave us a full refund, no hassle. I will definitely use them in the future. I am just waiting for the high school my kids attend and my place of employment to announce its closing. I am not sure if I will get paid if the school closed. No one knows. This is uncharted territory.

I’m worried for my parents. I am worried for friends who have compromised immune systems. It sounds selfish to say that. I am concerned for all people threatened by the virus.

I witnessed girls sobbing in the school bathrooms two different times today. Everyone is on edge.

The only silver lining I have seen is that it has given the world a common enemy and a common cause to get behind. We are all in this together, even if we can’t leave our homes.

How are you doing?