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If you are looking for positive guidance and growth in your personal life or relationship, check out my newly designed Snap Shot Coaching Sessions. These two one-hour sessions provide encouragement, clarity and action steps to get you moving forward.

During Snap shot sessions we work together to determine who you are now and how you want to develop. It’s a short process (only two meetings) that offers quick results.

The first hour is a get to know you information gathering session. This is a no pressure, non-judgmental time for me to hear your story. I do a lot of listening during this hour, but I also ask questions to help you share easily and express your needs. I’ll gently tease out  who you are, what lights you up, what drains you and what changes you want to make.

The second hour, which takes place no more than one week after the first meeting, is about getting perspective and taking action. Based on your information and my analysis, I’ll share insight and tools to get you: unstuck, in love, empowered and at peace. couple balancing on beam sepia

No two individuals are exactly the same. My coaching is specialized to fit each person/couple. I love creating a custom fit guidance package for my clients.

I love getting to know you and figuring out ways to bring enthusiasm and joy to your life.

These two one-hour private sessions via video chat or phone call are affordable and don’t require a long-term commitment.

Flat fee pricing: $200 for individuals / $250 for couples

Curious about me (Brenda Knowles) and my coaching style? Click on the video below.


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