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My mind is buzzing (in the bad way) about my snowblower situation. The weather clock shows snow for this weekend. The snowblower (or thrower depending on where you are from) I ordered from Sears is in. I simply have to pick it up, prepare it to work and clear my driveway.

Rent – a – man?

The thought and anticipation of the logistics and mental processes involved to do this make my head hurt and my pulse escalate. I need physical strength and mechanical aptitude. I have to ask for help because I don’t have enough of either to make it happen easily myself (mostly because of the strength



needed to get the big box out of my van, but there is also the fact that inner-workings of machinery bewilder me). I do have women friends who could help but I’m not sure if we could move the box ourselves. So that leaves my male options. This makes things complicated. I don’t have any adult male relatives in the area. I have to ask a neighbor, the ex-husband, the former boyfriend or the current squeeze. Note to self: get more male friends. I don’t like asking any of them for help. I prefer independence. I imagine how this imposition will affect each of them and it just feels uncomfortable to ask.

I wish I was at ease with household maintenance and mechanics but I’m not. It’s not because I’m a woman. I have mechanical engineering women friends who rock this stuff. It’s because I’m an intuitive feeler. I care about the big picture and people, people, people.

Myers-Briggs in a nutshell

I am a Myers-Briggs certified practitioner. What does that mean? It means I am allowed to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® which is the most commonly used personality assessment in the world.  Over two million people take it annually in order to gain self-awareness, enhance leadership skills, facilitate a career move, improve relationships or learn about team dynamics.

Based on Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s personality theory, the assessment sorts individuals into categories based on their innate mental process preferences. The MBTI looks at:

1. Whether you prefer to spend time in and energy on your outer world of people, places, things (E extraversion) or your inner world of thoughts, reflections, ideas ( I introversion).

2. Whether you prefer to take in information through your senses, facts and concrete data ( S sensing) or

Yep, and then there are those types

Yep, and then there are those types

through the big picture, possibilities and concepts (N intuition).

3. Whether your natural inclination is to make decisions by using logical, impersonal and objective methods (T thinking) or human value driven, personal and group harmonizing methods (F feeling).

4. Whether you orient yourself to the outer world by being organized, structured and scheduled (J judging) or by being flexible, open-minded and willing to explore all options (P perceiving).

After completing the assessment, you are given a four letter type based on your natural preference in each of the dichotomies.

What the heck is an intuitive feeler?

I’m an INFP (occasionally an INFJ).  Which means I am an introverted (I) intuitive (N) feeler (F) who is drained by using logic, attending to practical details and step by step experiences.

I don’t have to look very hard for proof of my type’s validity. It took me all morning to even think about checking the weather channel to see if the expected amount of snow even warrants the use of a snowblower.

It doesn’t.

Logic Bren-duh.;) Details escape me unless they are about people. I remember intimate details about people.

Now, I can put this decision-making process off for a few days (gathering information and exploring options like the good perceiving P that I am).

Do you know your Myers-Briggs type? Where do your inferior functions trip you up? Are you more logical or relationship focused? 

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