crystals in the sun

As the core values of space2live crystallize, I discover myself.

In 2011’s Best Of post, I stated my intention to be more open in my 2012 writing. I succeeded.  I let my sensuality slip out from behind the ornate dressing screen.  I revealed my divorce story, despair and all. I admitted my weaknesses and shortfalls when it comes to parenting. I even shared details of my year of exploratory dating.

According to WordPress statistics you guys like to see me prattle on about introverted relationships (romantic and parental), the cool phenomena of peak experiences (one Abraham Maslow’s self-actualiztion), and the intimate and awake aspects of sensuality. Awesome! I never get tired of jabbering about said subjects.

Top 10 Posts Created in 2012 for Space2live

(based on # of views)

1. Introvert Relationships: Love Me or Leave Me but Please Don’t Need Me (Too Much)woman's legs wrapped around her honey

2.  It’s Never Too Late to Experience Mind Blowing Passion

3.  Peak Experiences in Self-Actualization:Gifts That Transcend Your Head

4.  When Parenting Overwhelms

5.  Sensuality in the Suburbs

6.  Introverted Not Incompetent: Validating Softer Life Skills

7.  Newly Divorced Introvert Follows Her Heart for a Change

8.  What’s Wonderful?: Quiet the Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

9.  How to Be Lively, Energetic, and Vibrant When Your True Nature is Thoughtful, Introverted and Reticent

10.  In Defense of Introverted Parents

I would like to include two other posts that, although they didn’t make the top 10 list, need to be heard.

1.  I’d Rather Not Compete With You: For Introverts or Anyone Who Prefers Excellence Over Dominance

2.  First One Over the Wall: What It’s Really Like to End a Marriage and Start Over

life is beautiful2013 promises to be a year of action, heart work and expansion.  I hope to sell and buy a house, find a career path and raise children well.  I also hope to continue my exploration of love and it’s intricacies. I would be honored if you would join me on this adventure.  Please stop by space2live often.  I value and cherish your presence, whatever form it may take (anonymous reader, occasional commenter or kindred spirit).

Please share with me which topics resonate the deepest with you? Introversion? Divorce? Sensuality? Parenting? Self-Actualization?