girls legs book

As a kid I spent a good share of my time watching television or playing upstairs in my room.  I quietly raised six dolls and alphabetized my book collection.  I read Anne of Green Gables and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.  I worked on a book about a ten-year old girl whose parents divorced (coincidentally so did mine).  As a teen, music replaced dolls. Countless daydreams were fueled by lyrics and melodies that came out of my Panasonic ghettoblaster.  My dad called me House Plant because I spent so much time inside.  I was happy to live within my own thoughts and dreams.

But there was another side of me, a side that involved  riding on the back of my dad’s motorcycle.  At eight or nine years old, I remember wearing a Superman blue helmet that sparkled in the sun. I clung to Dad’s soft white t-shirt and yelled over the engine, Go Faster Dad, Go faster!  We ripped up and down the dirt driveway catching air as we flew over the hill. I was scared out of my mind but so alive. is a combination of going deeper and living vividly.  For me, it’s a place to recreate the freedom of my childhood, when I had time to go inside myself and the space to revel in the world.  It’s where I intentionally reflect on my core passions: writing, reading, family, traveling, and spirituality.

Feel free to slow down, hideout from overwhelming schedules, and lose labels like shy or house plant here.  We need quiet and space to recharge and find curiosity and creativity.  We need it to get revved up.

At Space2live I’ll share what I’ve learned about living slower and creative energy.  I may write a bullet-pointed note with ideas and insight, tell you about a writer, website or musician who blows my mind or share a personal essay about an experience that made me see things differently.  I’ll put my inner voice on the page and give you  space to hear yours.