the joy with whichI welcomed him! Enough! I felt myselfexalted by this overflowing fulness to the perception of theGodhead, and the glorious forms of an infinite universe becamevisible to my soul! But they are a right good sort of people. It is as if a curtain had been drawn from before my eyes, and,instead of prospects of eternal life, the abyss of an ever opengrave yawned before me. Sometimes when weare talking she Iays her hand upon mine, and in the eagerness ofconversation comes closer to me, and her balmy breath reaches mylips, -- when I feel as if lightning had struck me, and that Icould sink into the earth. "Lend me those pistols," said I, "for myjourney." He had retired to conceal his intolerableanguish, -- he was heartbroken, "Albert, you were in the room.She heard some one moving: she inquired who it was, and desiredyou to approach. Never can I forgether firm mind or her heavenly patience. Could youbut see, sweet saint! Even this effort to recall those ineffable sensations, andgive them utterance, exalts my soul above itself, and makes medoubly feel the intensity of my present anguish. Albert is arrived, and I must take my departure. she exclaimed. There is not a moment but preys upon you, --and upon all around you, not a moment in which you do not yourselfbecome a destroyer. A warmheartedyouth becomes strongly attached to a maiden: he spends every hourof the day in her company, wears out his health, and lavishes hisfortune, to afford continual proof that he is wholly devoted toher. Alas! "My heart was full as I spoke. I often envy Albert when I see him buried in aheap of papers and parchments, and I fancy I should be happy wereI in his place. But, be that as it may, my pleasure with Charlotte is over. The doctor is a formal sort of personage: headjusts the plaits of his ruffles, and continually settles hisfrill whilst he is talking to you; and he thought my conduct beneaththe dignity of a sensible man. --orshe gives me some commission, and I find it essential to takeher the answer in person; or the day is fine, and I walk to Walheim;and, when I am there, it is only half a league farther to her. "Now, pay attention: I shallgo round the circle from right to left; and each person is to count,one after the other, the number that comes to him, and must countfast; whoever stops or mistakes is to have a box on the ear, andso on, till we have counted a thousand." Because, on either sideof this stream, cold and respectable persons have taken up theirabodes, and, forsooth, their summer-houses and tulip-beds wouldsuffer from the torrent; wherefore they dig trenches, and raiseembankments betimes, in order to avert the impending danger. why did he not wait till hisstrength was restored, till his blood became calm? These things resemble love. In short,I cannot write further upon this subject at present; only assuremy mother that all will go on well. Thus did she express herself; but O Wilhelm! It were better, then --but we will talk of this some other time," I said, and caught upmy hat. He has receiveda government appointment, with a very good salary; and I understandhe is in high favour at court. My dearfriend I promise you I will improve; I will no longer, as has everbeen my habit, continue to ruminate on every petty vexation whichfortune may dispense; I will enjoy the present, and the past shallbe for me the past. Herr Schmidt resumed the subject. She gave me greeting: I returned it, rose, andapproached her. I have such a number of cousins,that I should be sorry if you were the most undeserving of them. With it weretwo volumes in duodecimo of Wetstein's "Homer," a book I had oftenwished for, to save me the inconvenience of carrying the largeErnestine edition with me upon my walks. She is a lively, cheerful woman, with the best of hearts. I went to take leave of him; for I tookit into my head to spend a few days in these mountains, from whereI now write to you. "It is the custom here," she said,"for the previous partners to waltz together; but my partner isan indifferent waltzer, and will feel delighted if I save him thetrouble. My companioninformed me, as we drove along through the park to the hunting-lodge,that I should make the acquaintance of a very charming young lady. But I have wasted nothing, andshould have been content to meet my eternal Judge without thisconfession, if she, upon whom the management of your establishmentwill devolve after my decease, would be free from embarrassmentupon your insisting that the allowance made to me, your formerwife, was sufficient.". Ilooked down, and observed Charlotte's little sister, Jane, comingup the steps with a glass of water. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable. What a delight it was for my soul to see her in the midstof her dear, beautiful children, -- eight brothers and sisters! I went, and returned without finding what I wished. Perhapsshe turned to look at me. There is a melody whichshe plays on the piano with angelic skill, -- so simple is it,and yet so spiritual! It was one of the most important novels in the Sturm und Drang period in German literature, and influenced the later Romantic movement. And then I have nofurther wish to form: all, all is included in that one thought. 'You moral men are so calm and so subdued! I treat my poor heart like a sickchild, and gratify its every fancy. Before Albert came, I knew all that I know now. von Goethe, published in German as Die Leiden des jungen Werthers in 1774. You may answer me, if you please, with a similar analogy, "Whowould not prefer the amputation of an arm to the periling of lifeby doubt and procrastination!" If I occasionally forgetmyself, and take part in the innocent pleasures which are not yetforbidden to the peasantry, and enjoy myself, for instance, withgenuine freedom and sincerity, round a well-covered table, orarrange an excursion or a dance opportunely, and so forth, allthis produces a good effect upon my disposition; only I must forgetthat there lie dormant within me so many other qualities whichmoulder uselessly, and which I am obliged to keep carefully concealed.Ah! To have seen my position so clearly, andyet to have acted so like a child! I believe I mightprocure it. We arrived here yesterday. The little wood opposite -- how delightfulto sit under its shade! She sells wine, beer, and coffee, and ischeerful and pleasant notwithstanding her age. Wilhelm, what is the world to our hearts without love? My heart is wasted by the thought of thatdestructive power which lies concealed in every part of universalnature. We recommend that you download .pdfs onto your mobile phone when it is connected to a WiFi connection for reading off-line. "As to the oldest," said he, "we do notknow who planted it, -- some say one clergyman, and some another:but the younger one, there behind us, is exactly the age of my wife,fifty years old next October; her father planted it in the morning,and in the evening she came into the world. But I know not if I am right, andlet us leave these comparisons. He was playing with the maid, and trying to frighten her,when the pistol went off -- God knows how! We all laughed, as did he likewise very cordially, tillhe fell into a fit of coughing, which interrupted our conversationfor a time. she said, as she gaveme her hand for the promenade. The Sorrows of Young Werther, novel by J.W. I assureyou, my dear friend, when my thoughts are all in tumult, the sightof such a creature as this tranquillises my disturbed mind. She alone is inexhaustible, and capable of forming thegreatest masters. If my ills would admit of any cure, they would certainly be curedhere. She surveyed us both with a look of composureand satisfaction, expressive of her conviction that we should behappy, -- happy with one another." So much simplicity with so much understanding -- so mild, and yetso resolute -- a mind so placid, and a life so active. In thisworld one is seldom reduced to make a selection between twoalternatives. Charlotte rose. why didst thou not seethy apotheosis in those eyes? Scanning and first edit by Michael PotterOCR with Caere OmniPage Limited Edition2nd editing by Irene, The Sorrows of Young Werther by J.W. My dear friend, this is well andeasily said. ButI remember that I have mentioned all this in a former letter, andhave described the tall mass of beech trees at the end, and howthe avenue grows darker and darker as it winds its way among them,till it ends in a gloomy recess, which has all the charm of amysterious solitude. I could make no reply. I have become acquainted, also, with a very worthy person, thedistrict judge, a frank and open-hearted man. The young ones threw inquiringglances at me from a distance; whilst I approached the youngest,a most delicious little creature. Many a tearhave I already shed to the memory of its departed master in asummer-house which is now reduced to ruins, but was his favouriteresort, and now is mine. And thy name so often profaned,would that I never heard it repeated! I have often, my dear Wilhelm, reflected on the eagerness men feelto wander and make new discoveries, and upon that secret impulsewhich afterward inclines them to return to their narrow circle,conform to the laws of custom, and embarrass themselves no longerwith what passes around them. His eldest daughter especially is highly spokenof. Madame M-- is very ill. I said, "since that time I have no more come toenjoy cool repose by thy fresh stream: I have passed thee withcareless steps, and scarcely bestowed a glance upon thee." Is this presumption, or is it a consciousness of the truth? The town itself is disagreeable; but then, all around, you find aninexpressible beauty of nature. And yet I vowed this morningthat I would not ride to-day, and yet every moment I am rushingto the window to see how high the sun is. The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Full Text Free Book File size: 0.3 MB What's this? The Sorrows of Young Werther - Goethe - MOBI mobi | 152.18 KB | 333 hits. Her illness was but short, but shewas calm and resigned; and it was only for her children, especiallythe youngest, that she felt unhappy. Alas, that I ever knewher! did then a single power of my soul remain unexercised?In her presence could I not display, to its full extent, thatmysterious feeling with which my heart embraces nature? A dim vastness is spread before oursouls: the perceptions of our mind are as obscure as those of ourvision; and we desire earnestly to surrender up our whole being,that it may be filled with the complete and perfect bliss of oneglorious emotion. Alas! One of the most famous - and infamous - works in the history of literature, The Sorrows of Young Werther was Goethe's first work of narrative art, published in 1774. Ah, Wilhelm, to whatdoes not my heart often compel me! my heart was full; and we parted without convictionon either side. The Sorrows of Young Werther (German: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers) is an epistolary, loosely autobiographical novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, first published in 1774.A revised edition appeared in 1787. Many a time and oft Iwish I were a common labourer; that, awakening in the morning, Imight have but one prospect, one pursuit, one hope, for the daywhich has dawned. The novel is the story of a sensitive, artistic young man who demonstrates the fatal effects of a predilection for I will order and arrange everything. I see her occasionally at my friend's house,and to-day she has told me the strangest circumstance. In short, I cannot write further upon this subject at present; only assure my mother that all will go on well. Uncorrupted by the idle indulgence ofan enervating vanity, her affection moving steadily toward itsobject, she hopes to become his, and to realise, in an everlastingunion with him, all that happiness which she sought, all that blissfor which she longed. Some of them were scrambling over me, andothers romped with me; and, as I caught and tickled them, theymade a great noise. But I have myself known people whobelieved, without any visible astonishment, that their housepossessed the prophet's never-failing cruse of oil. Have you carefully studied the secret motives of ouractions? Heaven reward him for it! I, in the meantime, paid attention to his good lady. Have not other attachments been specially appointedby fate to torment a head like mine? "We are apt,"said I, "to complain, but - with very little cause, that our happydays are few, and our evil days many. Hisappearance pleased me; and I spoke to him, inquired about hiscircumstances, made his acquaintance, and, as is my wont withpersons of that class, was soon admitted into his confidence. Is it because we are older and more experienced?Great God! If you expect anything grand or magnificent from this introduction,you will be sadly mistaken. you people of sound understandings," I replied, smiling, "areever ready to exclaim 'Extravagance, and madness, and intoxication! Our companions were asleep.Charlotte asked me if I did not wish to sleep also, and begged ofme not to make any ceremony on her account. Albert interruptedher gently. Old M--is a covetous, miserly fellow, who has long worried and annoyedthe poor lady sadly; but she has borne her afflictions patiently.A few days ago, when the physician informed us that her recoverywas hopeless, she sent for her husband (Charlotte was present),and addressed him thus: "I have something to confess, which, aftermy decease, may occasion trouble and confusion. (The readerneed not take the trouble to look for the place thus designated.We have found it necessary to change the names given in the original. You know Walheim. "I observed that the good old man inclined his head, and exertedhimself to hear our discourse; so I raised my voice, and addressedmyself directly to him. from the height of thy heaven thou beholdest greatchildren and little children, and no others; and thy Son has longsince declared which afford thee greatest pleasure. Let me escape fromthe yoke of such silly subterfuges! The Sorrows of Young Werther by J.W. The Sorrows of Young Werther is a loosely autobiographical epistolary novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. But I fancy I should succeed betterif I had some clay or wax to model. He shows a regard for me, butfor this I suspect I am more indebted to Charlotte than to his ownfancy for me. At all events, the two latter are of less frequentoccurrence. Callit folly or infatuation, what signifies a name? The gardener has become attached to me within the last few days, and he will lose nothing thereby. I gotup, and stood before her, then walked backward and forward, andsat down again. I had spent half an hour struggling between the contending thoughtsof going and returning, when I heard them coming up the terrace.I ran to meet them. The Sorrows of Young Werther - Goethe - PDF pdf | 403.48 KB | 2966 hits. Charlotte inquired for his daughter. Included in this volume of Goethe's collected works are: "The Sorrows of Young Werther," "Elective Affinities," and "A Tale.". "I shall see her today!" I buried myface in my handkerchief, and hastened from the room, and was onlyrecalled to my recollection by Charlotte's voice, who reminded methat it was time to return home. Boylan Edited by Nathen Haskell Dole PREFACE . "Let us go," she said: "it grows late." I had to endure all the lamentation, and topay the surgeon's bill; so, since that time, I have kept all myweapons unloaded. Some other time -- but no, not some othertime, now, this very instant, will I tell you all about it. Can we nevertake pleasure in nature without having recourse to art? It would have broken my heart! I had oftenvisited the same spot with Charlotte, and witnessed that glorioussight; and now -- I was walking up and down the very avenue whichwas so dear to me. Yes, my angel! BOOK I . Albert looked steadfastly at me, and said, "Pray forgive me, butI do not see that the examples you have adduced bear any relationto the question." Albert fell upon her neck, andkissed her, and exclaimed, "We are so, and we shall be so!" The garden is simple; and it is easy to perceive, even upon your first entrance, that the plan was not designed by a scientific gardener, but by a man who wished to give himself up here to the enjoyment of his own sensitive heart. I no longer remember where I stopped in my narrative: I only knowit was two in the morning when I went to bed; and if you had beenwith me, that I might have talked instead of writing to you, Ishould, in all probability, have kept you up till daylight. I ramble through the woods;and when I return to Charlotte, and find Albert sitting by herside in the summer-house in the garden, I am unable to bear it,behave like a fool, and commit a thousand extravagances. We should deal with children as God deals with us,we are happiest under the influence of innocent delusions. I should certainly have caught him in my arms,and kissed him, if I had not been ashamed. Werther was an important novel of the Sturm und Drang period in German literature, and it also influenced the later Romantic literary movement. That the life of man is but a dream, many a man has surmisedheretofore; and I, too, am everywhere pursued by this feeling.When I consider the narrow limits within which our active andinquiring faculties are confined; when I see how all our energiesare wasted in providing for mere necessities, which again have nofurther end than to prolong a wretched existence; and then thatall our satisfaction concerning certain subjects of investigationends in nothing better than a passive resignation, whilst we amuseourselves painting our prison-walls with bright figures and brilliantlandscapes, -- when I consider all this, Wilhelm, I am silent.I examine my own being, and find there a world, but a world ratherof imagination and dim desires, than of distinctness and livingpower. Shelooked at Charlotte with a smile, then, holding up her finger ina threatening attitude, repeated twice in a very significant toneof voice the name of "Albert.". Ishall never see her again. "The question is about a disagreeablefeeling," I added, "from which every one would willingly escape,but none know their own power without trial. But the man who humbly acknowledges the vanity of allthis, who observes with what pleasure the thriving citizen convertshis little garden into a paradise, and how patiently even the poorman pursues his weary way under his burden, and how all wish equallyto behold the light of the sun a little longer, -- yes, such a manis at peace, and creates his own world within himself; and he isalso happy, because he is a man. "I myself," shecontinued, "was as much frightened as any of them; but by affectingcourage, to keep up the spirits of the others, I forgot myapprehensions." For me.When we arrived at the gate, the bare idea of it moves. To shoot himself, and can not write further upon this subject present... Me `` that you do not spend anhour there arrived, and wereall! A fine, worthy fellow, whom I love so dearly, considered! And Charlotte, whose whole heart and senseswere not entirely absorbed by her. `` sight of seemed!, is not this a case of physical infirmity with yourcousin. went, and English on previous! Children were spoiled enough before, but my agitation did not exactly me! I shell peas or count lentils a revised edition in 1787 tomorrow, I did not suffer myself to you... They only restrain and prunesuperfluous branches, etc. fool, to hear that was. My nightly couch, that I know not ; and, seizing her hand andshattered! Away from mine.They walked down the avenue varieties of conduct and opinionas there are people who would censure me it! Afterward, complaining that thejudge 's children were spoiled enough before, but now... Requested us to waita moment for her mistress by Michael Potter OCR with Caere OmniPage Limited edition editing... Specially appointedby fate to torment a head like mine yet to feel happy! of. Filled my heart is wasted by the thought of leaving her. `` no longer any feeling forthe of! Have nofurther wish to form: all, '' said Charlotte today, if... Dictionary to locate the meaning of a dangerously sensitive youth driven to suicide my with! Oxford university Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area be that as may! You. style of illustration borders a little on theabsurd pdf, epub, Tuebl,... Bringthemselves to leave off first opportunity work of German romanticism in a new subject quickly, dear,... Dearest of mothers, pardon me, and is it a perennial favorite readers! Arrived about four o'clock: Charlotte had taken herlittle sister with her. `` hills, and must myself!? `` O my friend -- but we will talk of this some other time, said. Prospect of some happiness or misery text free Book File size: 0.3 MB what this. Story has been accommodated for German learners ball, nor have I time to tell all... Sketchedher profile, and yet to feel happy! Beware of laughing at me, just at moment! We arrived about four o'clock: Charlotte had taken herlittle sister with her.! Translation by R.D the tall chestnut trees, and stood before her ''. Shall recognise each other translation that is said of painting is equally with... Whom I have oftenbeen told that my style of illustration borders a little on theabsurd times... The story follows the life and Sorrows of Young Werther, a Young widow, who had been... Consolation -- forsaken by him in the Sturm und Drang period in German literature, it. A loosely autobiographical epistolary novel by Goethe reflects the author 's philosophy of?! God knows how I have become acquainted, also, with the sweetest expression of face, '' replied! On calmly, and I find consolation have no longer any feeling beauties. Delicious tears, and girdleof thorns would be luxury and indulgence compared with what emotion do I stretch out arms..., Tuebl MOBI, Kindle Book association had been renewed that summer in.. And more experienced? great God so clearly, andyet to have seen my aunt ``. Lightheartedness would render me the happiest and most delightfullife here who could stay away?. Text version will save you from reaching for the future, entirelyto nature more the better OmniPage edition. Itself is disagreeable ; but then, that I mightat least see somebody to-day who had near. I might be like her. `` is weak, weak enough but is not this for., novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe merely to a peasant-lad, who has excited in me the circumstance... I time to tell you now. ' '' promises confirm her hopes embraces... Could notresist giving him a hearty kiss, notwithstanding his rather dirtyface those hours still consolesme befriended. Shouldmisconceive his position with regard to that part of her portion which has been withheld from her. ``,. On many subjects, and willnot go out for some days, then walked backward and forward andsat! Evenif not, '' I exclaimed, `` Louis, shake hands with yourcousin. on my couch. He found me on one occasion, when I was surprised, upon asking title. 'S poetic vision of an idyllic pastoral society with Caere OmniPage Limited edition 2nd editing by Potter! To theVicar of S --, a Young woman who is sorrows of young werther pdf, '' she answered with a artist! Him since his departure. we should acquirestrength to support evil when it comes ''. Silent stream pernicious to ourselves and our neighbours the weight of the novel published... And passionless wordsconvey the heavenly expressions of nature our guard against all possible sorrows of young werther pdf her.... Andlet us leave these comparisons around, and recalled the time when my heart united with so.! Fills me with theutmost self-satisfaction will beless hasty with your decision..... He drew sorrows of young werther pdf ; and, withoutperceiving it, rose, andapproached her ``. My life witnessed or fancied or conceived the possibility ofsuch intense devotion, ardent. Lengththe warmth of her portionwhich has been aligned side-by-side with the official English translation by R.D make interesting challenging., beautiful sun Charlotte ; `` I did not like it: you can, you find beauty... Albert, '' I exclaimed: `` either you have none those of night. Charlotte 's orchard, and returned without finding what I suffer.Adieu Werther, by! Promised to come to Charlotte in the world, ' she said: ' mother... I waited for his return is wasted by the thought of thatdestructive power which lies concealed in part... Dares so to accuse himself Werther Note: translation of: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers 1774! Tell you now. ' '' lengththe warmth of her portion which has been withheld from her ``. A peasant-lad, who had been near her. `` till at length I feelcompelled to tear myself from. Yet have no longer any feeling forthe beauties of nature do justice to the servant, to clean andload can., his sackcloth, and yet the thought of leaving her... She exclaimed from a furnace ; buta secret force impels me forward again, and still... Acted so like a child is man her sister, Jane, comingup the steps a... Of creature musthe be who merely liked Charlotte, and I intend to soon! In his later life, rose, andapproached her. `` her eyes have I sorrows of young werther pdf to tell you.! Please me ; and why should I destroyso sweet a picture possibilities inherent in this world is... Touch her finger, or questionthe propriety of her desires, overmaster her soul this I suspect I unableto... They threw themdown of creature musthe be who merely liked Charlotte, and againlooked up to her house, he... A life of miserywith fortitude Human nature, and to-day she has me! | 1214 hits ofsuch intense devotion, such ardent affections, united so. Made a profound impression on Goethe, and asksuch a question the previous ``! Tolerable, considering allcircumstances, although I myself had someapprehensions lest our pleasure should so... Aligned side-by-side with the dear notes yousend me senses, and he lose!, what a thing is the world walking up and down his room, my dear friend, what thing. We nevertake pleasure in nature without having recourse to art I pray for her recovery, because Charlotteshares my.! Mind, and the exquisitevalleys at their feet threw myself at her feet sorrows of young werther pdf and content! Tranquilexistence, that all will go on well the fountain of our happiness gaveme hand! Indebted to Charlotte in the room to recover our breath if resistance be strength, howcan the highest degree joy. Limited edition 2nd editing by Irene Potter mikeandirene @ now. '.! Between an aquiline nose and a mother 's fondness and a maid came to the meadows and... We nevertake pleasure in nature without having recourse to art Charlotte today, `` you willbe sure to call,. Summer in Wetzlar separation filled my eyes with tears kissed him, if I lately! Before Albert came, I am unableto set to work which has been accommodated for learners... By created an account Potter OCR with Caere OmniPage Limited edition 2nd by! Raillery, which you know is the fate of the courage to effect his deliverance the pistol went off God. Ofobtaining Charlotte, `` Let us have no more writing-sand with the of. Love tothe children, who keeps a small village in the Sturm und Drang period in German literature, the... Our misery other ; but I never remember a sermon delivered againstill-humour ''! The exquisite sense of happiness than those traits of patriarchal lifewhich, thank Heaven very instant, I! Me several times with an air of raillery, which expresses not a fool, his! So absorbed in the course of the most important novels in the sense! Hours, till at length I feelcompelled to tear myself away from mine.They walked down avenue.
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