I was on vacation last week and I’m busy playing catchup with housework, career work, kid requests and many other life pulls. So, unfortunately or fortunately, this week you get my mostly unedited, half-processed thoughts and observations to review.

Are introverts funny?

As I said, I was on vacation last week. We visited family in Tennessee. My dad and stepmom’s home is where I let  my guard down and fully come back to myself. A friend commented that I had a glow about me when I returned. I think it is because I completely relax in that easy-going atmosphere. This visit, I found myself laughing a lot and making others laugh. I know I’m truly myself and at ease when my sense of humor comes out. Are introverts funny? Do we just need to be REALLY at ease?laughter through tears is my favorite emotion

Introverts not meant for casual dating?

Casual dating is exhausting. Over the years, I’ve learned I am at my best when in a secure long-term relationship. I thrive in its stability. If I can put effort into a relationship and receive care in return, my imagination, energy, confidence and overall joy, soar. I think I have an anxious attachment style. I love intimacy and I am highly attuned to any potential threats to a relationship. As much as I crave solitude, I am whole and balanced when I am part of a relationship. Yeah, I have to try harder to squeeze in alone time, but my heart and energy stores are full when I feel loved. This summer, I spent one month on Match.com. I met some beautifully kind men but showing up and being ON for first, second and third dates takes a lot out of me. Disappointment (theirs and mine), also takes a lot out of me. Should there be an introvert website? Are introverts more attracted to other introverts or extroverts? Am I more attracted to extroverts or introverts? 

Pampering southern style

Getting a pedicure in the south is different than up north. When I get my nails done in Minnesota (a treat), I always

Steel Magnolias Truvy's salon

Steel Magnolias Truvy’s salon

grab a magazine to read while the aesthetician does his/her work. They laughed at me when I asked for a magazine in the salon where my stepmom, daughter and I got our nails done in Tennessee. The two southern woman doing our nails talked with us the whole time. They started with, You’re not from around here are you?  The woman sitting next to me stuck around for quite a while after her service was completed to take part in the conversation. Steel Magnolias is real. If only Dolly Parton had shown up. 


I like line dancing.

Let me know when you get home, OK?

“One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night.” — Margaret Mead

I greatly appreciate when someone asks me to let them know when I get home safely. I see it as a good sign. I’m currently reading Wired for Dating by Stan Tatkin, PSyD, MFT. I’m using previous and new knowledge to decipher the different attachment styles while dating. I’m looking for, finding and striving to be, the elusive securely attached type. I’m such a geek. I totally get excited when I recognize a positive and reassuring behavior. I’m working on just rolling with things, but I know enough to be dangerous. 

Introverts, are we funny? Can we casual date? Have you ever been to a salon in the south? Do you like line dancing? What are some good signs you look for from a partner?