hand over heart

Do you have a real and true interest in what it means to be human?

Are you sensitive and highly relationship oriented?

Is conflict especially painful for you?

Do others describe you as empathic, inspiring, deep, self-aware, intuitive, reflective, creative, authentic or encouraging?

Are you more comfortable being rather than doing?

Do you strive, even unintentionally, to give meaning and wholeness to other’s lives?

Do emotions and intuition guide you?

Do you flourish within emotional intimacy?

If so, you probably feel exquisitely at home here on space2live.

The words and questions listed above all describe the Idealist temperament. Idealists (as depicted in psychologist, David Keirsey’s, book Please Understand Me II: Temperament Character Intelligence) are the NFs of Isabel Briggs Myer’s personality types. They are the counselors, healers, teachers and champions of the world.

I have an uneasiness with the label, Idealist, but have not been able to come up with a better alternative. Intuitive Feeler? Empath? Sensitive? None seems to be quite right. I welcome suggestions for a more fitting title for our tribe.

Space2live not solely focused on introverts 

I started to wonder two years ago if space2live is truly focused on introverts or the sensitive, empathic, authentic, relational, personal growth-oriented group described above. I believe it’s both but with a slight emphasis on the latter.

Daydreaming-Wallpaper-daydreaming-34451447-1024-768As the voice behind space2live and an introvert myself, I definitely share personal stories based on my need for an ebb and flow lifestyle that includes meaningful activities and relationships balanced by perfect stillness and solitude. I am depleted by overt and constant stimulation and restored by going within to my quiet core. The introvert side of me is completely identifiable in my posts, but so is my NF-ness.

Extroverts are empathetic and relationship-based too

Not all Idealists are introverts. In fact, I have worked with, dated and currently live with extroverts who are deep feeling, intuitive and sensitive. They have the outward enthusiastic warmth and expressiveness you would expect from an extrovert, as well as the need to retreat to peaceful environments away from people. You see, their intense intunement with others often leaves them overwhelmed with second-hand emotions and distressed from constant striving for harmony.

My daughter is an extroverted idealist. She struggles daily to protect her tender heart from discord among her friends, classmates and yes, our family. She is the most supportive, creative and loving child  and it is painful for me to watch her learn how to harden her spirit in order to get along in this world, but to a degree, it is necessary.

Want to understand your significant other?

Many readers write in seeking help understanding the ways of their friends, lovers or family members. They are not introverts or idealists, but they want to improve their relationships and bring more intimacy into their lives. Space2live is a safe place for them to gain knowledge and compassion. I applaud them for going the extra mile to relate to the significant people in their lives.fated-youk-shim-won-ii

I love helping others see differences in personality as different, but not better or worse. No one type is superior. I enjoy giving partners a neutral language to use to talk to each other without competing or claiming one is more right.

Very often there is a communication breakdown between the more logical thinker in the relationship and the partner who uses their emotions and personal values to make decisions. Their emotional intimacy is thwarted by this impasse. I have a deep and personal interest in making sure the more emotional partner is appreciated. Not that one is better than the other, but quite often the more feeling person is denigrated into believing their perspective is not as valuable. This is simply not true. Both points of view are valid and rational and should be honored.

Championing the reflective and thoughtful soul

Our culture reveres the efficient, productive, less emotional individual. If you’re a busy person who juggles socializing with aplomb, you are golden in the United States. The more reflective person who is OK with stillness and solitude, is often deemed selfish or lazy or anti-social. Even though, that is how they connect with their intuition and build self-awareness. Even though, that is how they re-charge in order to tackle the mundane doing and chatting required in society. Even though, after a fulfilling retreat  in solitude, these individuals often emerge with enthusiastic warmth and love for those in their circles.

The purpose of space2live and BrendaKnowles.com (coming soon) is to create awareness and offer support to the population that lives more idealistically and sensitively and to those who love them.

On space2live/brendaknowles.com all are welcome to look for meaning and strive for wholeness.

Do you relate to the Idealist temperament? If so, in what way? Are you an introvert? Idealist? Someone who loves one of them?