The branded, bottled (and regulated) Uganda Waragi is brewed from bananas (like enguli), made with millet and forms a clear, quite spicy Ugandan gin. Based on results from 2007, Uganda’s overall alcohol consumption was an average of 17.6 liters per capita. In 2009 commercially made plastic packets of waragi were named in the death of 20 people in Uganda, were found to contain more methanol than the suggested ratio. Waragi is, simply, a gin style moonshine made of bananas. has lower alcohol content than ekwete. The most popular home-brew is a hard liquor called waragi, which can contain as much as 40 percent pure ethanol, as well as other unidentified impurities. Local brews made from grain (of any type) have significantly lower alcohol contents (estimated at approximately 2%) than commercial waragi or local spirits.2 Policy makers and public health advocates view alcohol consumption as a problem in Karamoja for a number of reasons. of alcohol consumed consists of such home- ... distillate has a higher alcohol percentage and . The manufacture and sale of all sachet waragi has been banned in a crackdown on the poisonous alcohol that has claimed at least 19 lives. In the 2004 WHO Global Status Report on Alcohol, Uganda ranked as the world’s leading consumer of alcohol (per capita). With alcohol content as high as 75.5% ABV, the bottle of 151 comes with a stainless steel fire arrestor/flame trap vouching for its potency. To produce waragi, the brew is placed in Uganda Breweries Limited Plot 3 – 17 Port Bell P. O Box 7130 Kampala - Uganda Tel: +256 (0) 312 210011, +256 (0) 414311397 +256 (0) 414311000 Uganda (WHO, 2004), and the large majority . Alcohol has been identified as a key driver and maintainer of chronic poverty in Uganda, with some observers estimating the economic and social costs to be worse than those of HIV and malaria. Alcohol consumption is high in . And although Uganda does sport a handful of breweries and commercial distilleries, the remarkable booze intake of Uganda is largely attributed to the a vile and clandestine substance known as WARAGI. Drinking alcohol is a part of Uganda's social culture just as any other country in the world, legal drinking is age 18 throughout the country. Waragi in sachets is industrially distilled alcohol packed in sachets. That is 440,000,000 litres of alcohol, or almost 587 million bottles of booze. It is triple distilled until it reaches an alcohol content of 96 % vol, and it is then blended until it arrives at the final 40% proof. (waragi). It is similar to changaa produced in Kenya. Drunkenness is frequently The alcohol content in tonto ranges from 6–11% v/v and is consumed from small gourds using straws.4 Ajon is an alcoholic beverage produced from finger millet ... beverage called waragi. Moonshining and consumption of waragi and other alcoholic beverages is widespread in Uganda.
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