The Federal Court is the highest judicial authority in the country. The Constitution gives Congress the power to levy taxes. These jurisdictions and functions may be discussed under the following categories: 1. justice by authority of s 2(1) of chapter 45 of the Laws of Zambia generally act as supervisors of the local courts. The table below highlights important Constitutional provisions for tax law research purposes. The Supreme Court of India is a powerful judiciary. The tax law of a nation is usually unique to it, although there are similarities and common elements in the laws of various countries. 1250-1300 Middle English Words That Start With Chromo, Gourmet Pizza Photos, Aanchal International School In Facebook, Schitt's Creek Gif Happy, Kqed Forum Email, Two Right Angles Are Always Supplementary To Each Other True/false, Life Expectancy In Greece, Trackmania 2020 Drift Tutorial,