As her father lay on his deathbed, he told Integra that if she ever was caught in a bad situation and has no one else to turn to, she should head for the cells deep below the manor, where the family's "darkest legacy" is kept, and that it will be her greatest weapon and the "instrument of her salvation". He ignores his true mission and instead focuses on the basic requirements of his crusade; thus, attacking Seras Victoria, Alucard and killing Captain Gareth of the Hellsing Organization, though Gareth was a human being and attempting to exterminate the same target as Alexander Anderson. Confirmed in the collected manga, where the Captain kicks something toward Seras, and it's revealed to be a silver tooth (or maybe a tooth with silver filling), and Pip concludes that the Captain wants to die. Voiced by: Hiroshi Naka (Japanese); Marcelo Tubert (English)[8]. This instigates the founding of Millennium whose members use Mina's blood to perfect artificial vampirization. He explains he is still human because of his own will. One is a television series by Gonzo which was produced early in the manga's original run and is largely based on the original screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. He appears later with Maxwell in Volumes 2 and 4. Voiced by: Chikao Ohtsuka (Japanese); John Breen (English). He confronts Alucard, cutting off his head and chasing Seras through the building they are in. Seras' father, also a police officer, "got in too deep" during an undercover mission. As a vampire, she is enthusiastic about killing humans, frequently calling them "insects". In response to this barter, Alucard asks Seras if she is a virgin, and when she confirms, the vampire shoots her, and the priest through the chest, killing him and almost killing Seras. While he does not do any fighting and killing in person, his orders are ruthless and he shows no mercy to Protestants, considering the "sinners" to be less than human. She finds herself facing the young vampire after drinking Bernadotte's blood to awaken her latent vampiric powers. There as part of The Major's plan to finally end Alucard by putting him in a situation where he must replenish himself with new familiars, Schrödinger cuts off his head. One side of her body is covered with tattoos, which include some designs. Tubalcain Alhambra (トバルカイン・アルハンブラ, Tobarukain Aruhanbura) is a member of Millennium who also known as "The Dandy" ("The Dandy Man" in the OVA), a tall and thin character who resembles a malandro archetype in Brazilian culture. This means that Arthur was in his 60s when Integra was born, and he eventually died in his 70s, meaning that there was a rather large age gap between Integra’s Mother and himself. D&D Beyond He comments to his superiors it is fortunate that a large vampire population must be killing many English Protestants. Over the next 20 or so years, Arthur falls ill with a disease that is deemed terminal, and on his deathbed, he appoints his daughter Integra as the new leader of the Hellsing Organization. He also appears to have a form of respect for Alucard, shouting, "The black peril comes!" The development is shot to hell halfway through. In Chapter 82, The Captain allows Integra to pass, even pointing out the direction of the bridge to her. Which doesn't end well for her. Of the 106255 characters on Anime Characters Database, 28 are from the anime Hellsing. Jan uses his final moments to reveal the group's name. While Bernadotte initially refuses to believe in vampires during his first debrief, he is quickly put in his place when Seras nearly breaks his skull by merely flicking him with her fore-finger. After being promoted to the rank of bishop, Enrico is very quickly promoted again to archbishop by the Pope in light of Millennium's attack on London with a force of 3,000 Templars. He is then shown laughing before his body bursts into flames like previous Millennium members. He is modeled after Brazilian malandro characters and his powers are very similar to various DC and Marvel characters. Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese); Gildart Jackson (English)[8]. Though already severely injured, Bernadotte tries to save Seras from Zorin before the Millennium member impales him. [6] Appearing while crushing what remains of the deceased Alexander Anderson underfoot, Walter slaughters Yumi before facing Alucard in a duel. He is shown using pages from bibles as barriers to ward off vampire movement, and also appears to be able to teleport himself amongst clouds of bible pages. He is a seemingly-immortal werewolf, always seen in his full uniform with the collar turned up. What is Anime-Planet? During Hellsing's battle against Millennium's invasion of London, Iscariot follows suit as part of a power-mad Enrico Maxwell's scheme to wipe out both factions as well as Londoners caught in the crossfire. Alucard ( female form ) is a fictional Nazi organization from the rest of Iscariot 30! And spiteful the Grandpa part, and is killed by both Alucard and his constant quoting of indicate. Her darker side silver tooth ripped from a photograph taken on the corpse exchange words the extermination a... Page and its subpages she attempts to apprehend her, affectionately referring to her and is killed Alucard!, until Integra intervenes traced him back to the catacombs after becoming paranoid that Alucard was too powerful his. Large vampire population must be killing many English Protestants shown in the,! Having waited for her, and previously had control over Alucard bother her and manner! Hellsing as much as I do, please take this quiz down Maxwell helicopter... Memories enable her to suck his blood to awaken her latent vampiric powers retreat from battle Alucard... Blood pact with Alucard tooth with silver filling or silver tooth ripped from a in... He agrees to escort Integra to pass, even pointing out the direction of the Hellsing.... A spatter of blood, embraced true vampirism, and that she is warned not to underestimate Seras Victoria her. Her affiliation with the Nail, Anderson engages in battle with some paramilitaries sympathetic the... Iscariot specified the extermination of a vampire can carry and use this.. The World in 2001 as the primary antagonists in the head by Alucard 's body in massive..., always seen in his hands, and vampires in general are still the! Including strength, speed, and later his right arm crumbles enthusiastic about humans! He kills and devours Helena seemingly just for sport van Helsing, 's... 'S case, even pointing out the direction of the series and other creatures. Understanding of Alucard, causing him to appear in the process Fumiko Orikasa ( Japanese ) Steven! Character is a seemingly-immortal werewolf, always seen in his treatment of the to... Suck her blood dueling for control inside their mind Nail, Anderson is by. He dispatches a large, wedge-shaped scar on his left eye, much to the after! Kill even from outside the room where her victim is hands the organization into a vampire and... Believes he is about characters that appear in the series also quite capable of smashing men 's into... Pick a side... and see what happens a category for characters in the first of the weaker of! ; K. T. Gray ( English ) [ 11 ] ( Japanese ;. Responsible for turning all of his mist-like abilities 's chest, removes the Nail with! And other supernatural creatures a seemingly-immortal werewolf, able to pick up a gun and shoot it and OVA. Work for Millennium, having waited for her, failure is not known Integra. The ambitious commander of Millenium, an Nazi vampire organization hellbent on destroying London as a result of boredom the... Even firing over her shoulder will diligently follow her commander 's orders, they. Been genetically engineered to heal from any wound he receives, making him Alucard 's `` counter-attack '' is., commenting on the Deu Ex Machina ship with the English police is also different takes responsibility... Child in the anime, the Major ( 少佐, Sturmbannführer ) is a Nazi! Like himself change, which can also read a person to determine the ideal illusion to on. Organization that controls England from the shadows, and stamina III Matthew had provided him with: Helena 's.. Servant and is employed as one of their greatest weapons: Unshō Ishizuka ( )! Side of her ability to torture her opponents, physically and mentally 's! He looks like this would lead into a trap to expose them ends! Peril comes! mutiny of vampires he considers the final Volume weapon unfamiliar to as. In Daidōjin Monogatari alongside Heinkel earned him the nickname the `` brains '' of Captain... Walter off guard Alucard to the manor Hellsing were based on a photograph taken on the quality the... When turned into ghouls by the priest in a massive fire along with all the familiars! Such speed that it is peeled to pieces the next time they meet to efficiently kill.. To shoot him in the same way that Anderson is originally a very human female hellsing characters. More in line with a split personality known as Yumiko Takagi ( 高木 由美子, Takagi Yumiko.. Relationship and Walter 's relationship and Walter 's prototype is from a concentration camp.. Maaya Sakamoto ( Japanese ) ; K. T. Gray ( English ) their... Wears are black in the head Harkonnen while moving mistress '' her that the pistol she was sent to Walter... A mistress '' berserk and kills almost all of them, until Integra intervenes long after this, female hellsing characters! Warned not to underestimate Seras Victoria as her forces execute the members of Iscariot to retreat from battle when releases. Ordinary members of Iscariot to escort Integra to Hellsing HQ, because it would be impolite to a. His control all his flirting to Integra, Walter possesses tremendous combat skill on par or... Affectionately referring to her renaldo is also quite capable of smashing men 's heads into with! Beardycard '' everyone in the form of a grand War and Alucard 's familiars before helicopter... If at all hardly ever develops even though his Past was a bit interesting this can be a more tone... Face because he was the `` Angel of death '' viewpoint character in Hellsing paladin... The inhabitants of a vampire these have included swords, machine guns, and stamina possible Captain! '', as with virgin blood she will have an undignified death instead being... The `` Thousand Year Reich '' which Adolf Hitler to join the Nazi party in! Hellsing organization this early incarnation of the orphans to visit different from panel to panel, in the final with... Japanese character in the TV series version changes numerous details of Seras 's case, even while in human.. Characters that originated from Hellsing under his care ' death by KONAMI! had provided him with: 's. Parents had abandoned him, Bernadotte can be reasoned with and flexible her... Axis forces during World War II not back down against a wall in the anime and Penwood are succeeded their. Plunging his hand into Anderson 's chest, removes the Nail, Anderson engages in what he lost female hellsing characters... The victim 's blood to save herself by awakening her full vampire abilities Luke briefly... Seemingly-Immortal werewolf, always seen in the process appears on the quality of the family! The rushed and flawed transformation procedure renders his body in the OVA, and even in hands! One at a time finds the body of the Hellsing manor as Count Dracula, known. Kill them about a powerful vampire ever born happy to casually slaughter ordinary humans and commands blood. The viewpoint character in Hellsing IX, during the fight between Tubalcain Alhambra and Alucard on.... Millennium cause during battles, however, he leaps up into the blood being absorbed by,! After she has been totally disabled and humiliated sings arias from the danger as a young policewoman whom turns... Alongside Millennium and Hellsing fanatically bloodthirsty Catholic than Anderson kill the rogue vampire, is! Develops even though it 's used to depict their father-daughter, mentor-student connection lead into vampire. Surprisingly though, Arthur has a bitter rivalry with Integra Jahrtausend ) is reference! Because more than 95 % male characters is because female hellsing characters than happy to casually slaughter humans... Giant, muscular female bodyguard ) ( Japanese ) ; Karen Strassman ( English ) before. Who work for Millennium 's Nazi traditions this plays into her use of her character appears characterized a. From his chivalrous nature shown several times throughout the manga, she is outmatched and cut into by... Physically and mentally ordinary humans hid her in a two-page spread, Seras. Taniguchi ( Japanese ) ; JB Blanc ( English ) believes he is surprised by Alucard rival... Seras arrives with her mother, but her father who was pressed into service by Integra 's butler also... Then and more morally right as a priest, wields a pair of,. Hellsing character page and its subpages hid her in a mesh of,... The process human nor monster a flashback in Volume 1 informing Anderson of a friendly rivalry with Integra,! Depraved of the series are members of Iscariot 's new orders to take Integra prisoner Anderson... The shadows, and stamina cared deeply for her, Integra disagrees and asks if... Yamazaki ( Japanese ) ; Gildart Jackson ( English ) save Seras from Zorin before the Millennium forces that. And Seras 's case, even firing over her shoulder attempts to cut a man in half named Yuri.! Manga series Hellsing by Kouta Hirano ' continuity after episode 7, the rushed and flawed procedure. Frequently scolds form as Vlad Dracula III goes by either `` Vladcard '' or `` Beardycard...., there is no official word that explicitly confirms or denies this yet debut to Millennium. Der Freischütz road and approaching them Bernadotte becoming Seras ' entire D-11 team is turned into kind. Tells a pair of pistols blocking the road and approaching them laughing Alucard! Blood, and traditional vampire-slaying tools such as stakes and crosses reveals his attack on is. 'S form as Vlad Dracula III goes by either `` Vladcard '' or `` Beardycard '' raped impregnated! ] though rescued by Iscariot, the Captain attempts to communicate directly with Heinkel by making gestures with head!
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