Along with the growing popularity of Facebook chat is the fast rising popularity of Facebook emoticons. //-->. 2.7K likes. Examples of emoticons for Facebook and other social platforms are smiley faces, frowns, winks, and angry expressions. While many computer operating systems are able to interpret emojis on their own, Facebook replaces them with unique images they created. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7188841800918337"; 58K likes. Facebook smileys and emoticons were put into status updates under annually later. Oct 28, 2020 - Explore terri wright's board "Emoticons code" on Pinterest. I hope this blog post will help you to add Facebook emoticons in […]. Your email address will not be published. Favourite answer. 3 Answers. Update: These are good answers, but I mean emoticons for the status and comments . /* fbsmileys 336 new */ Facebook has implemented comments into the private messages. 30 talking about this. Don't forget to bookmark, Like and share. 5) You’ll see “Smiley Emoticon” at Facebook header. Generate fake facebook status like you want from the options given below. Emojis are an extensive group of special characters that output various faces, objects, and symbols. A smiley face with nerdy glasses inside a news feed comment.©Facebook. Now you can easily express yourself to your friends when you are happy, sad, in love, cranky, or experiencing just about any other emotion while decorating your Facebook status and comments using our Facebook emoticons list. Click LIKE if you LIKE emoticons. Now on status comment, users can add "smiley" to their comments. google_ad_width = 336; 15 говорят за това. List of UTF compatible characters for Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. aur jo haste hue rone wala hota hai uska v shortcut…….waiting 4 reply, […] complete list of Facebook emoticons go to Facebook Smiley Code page. //-->,