For the most part, blue merles have a solid eye color. However, most black Australian Shepherds, regardless of color markings, have two brown colored eyes. However, this combination is still seen in litters. In some cases, a mahogany red can also be found, though not typical. As we have seen, Black tri is the most popular color variations of Australian shepherds, however, you will also find Aussies with just black and white color. The yellow color produced by this recessive gene can vary widely depending on the dog. Among these four variations, Black Tri Aussie (with colors – black, white, and tan on the body) is the most popular Black Australian Shepherd coat color variation. There are 14 main colors of Australian shepherds. Find tri colored Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. The marble refers to specks of other colors and truly creates a unique appearance in these dogs. this is due to some unknown reason I have yet to hear about. Apart from 14 Australian shepherd colors we have seen above, you will also find Aussies in other colors. Red merle Australian shepherd dogs have shades of red (sometimes known as liver) that … Most of the time, when there is tan, there is also white. Your red merle Australian Shepherd has inherited a particularly unique and beautiful color pattern. Though these are the four main colors, you will find these colors in different variations. Another coat color variation in the list of different Aussie colors is black & white Australian shepherd. You will find Blue merle Aussies in different variations. There can be so much confusion between red merle & white and solid red merle Aussie. More often than not, you’ll find red Australian Shepherds with at least a hint of copper/tan. Show More. What is the most common Australian Shepherd color? However, you may also find a black Aussie with different eye color. This Aussie color variation dogs have no white or tan or copper markings or patches on their body. Apart from three colors in a red Australian shepherd, you will also find red Aussies with just red and white, no tan or copper markings, or patches. Although uncommon, it’s not unusual to see one with copper highlights on the chest as well. However, these recessive genes still linger in the breed gene pool. See more ideas about red tri australian shepherd, australian shepherd, tri. For some people, considering the temperament or personality of the dog is very important, while some people give more importance to the physical appearance of the dog. So, it’s okay to expect some degree of confusion when classifying these variations. However, there will be instances where the eyes contain specks of other colors. Due to the combination of red and white, this version of Aussies doesn’t look like Aussie. Red & white Aussies have red as a base coat color and the color is normally found on the chest, legs, and face. They may also have white markings on the face, chest, legs, and under parts. One of the most common colors combinations of Australian shepherds breed. Sometimes, the base color of the red merle may look very similar to white. Because this gene is still circulating within the breed gene pool, these colors still come up from time to time. Let’s take a look at these three variations one by one: From the name of this color variation, you can get an idea about this merle Aussie dog will have a combination of three coat colors. Our Aussie Shepherd (Jerry) getting up to some mischief in the backyard. Black and tan dogs are the second rarest versions of black Australian Shepherds. But red merle Aussies with brown eyes can still be found. These dogs have a red... 3. Black and tan Australian shepherds are the second rarest version of black Australian shepherds. If you look closer, you’ll notice a difference in eye and nose color as well. link to How Big Does An Australian Shepherd Get? But her fur is not anywhere as thick as any of the pictures I’ve seen. Due to the high energy level, it is important to provide Aussies with regular exercise and physical activities to help them burn off their energy the right way. The last but not least version of this color is a solid black Australian Shepherd. The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd has, perhaps, the most unique color combination among the four basic colors. They also have copper highlights usually seen on the face and legs only. He is a double cryptic merle that is actually a deep purple color in some places. This color variation of the Australian shepherd dog is not much popular. From the photo of a black tri Aussie dog, it looks like a Bernese Mountain dog. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Among these three colors, black is the base coat color. And it’s even more rare to find one with one blue and one amber colored eye. A red tri Australian shepherd dog’s base coat color is red. In a black tri Aussie dog, you will find the dog with a black coat and white markings on its face, chest, belly, and legs. Often times, but not always, the black coat is highlighted with white markings on the face, chest, belly and legs. Red tri color australian shepherd stock photo containing shepherd and small. The puppy on the left is a dilute dog. He’s only three weeks old so don’t know his eye color yet. In other cases, there are even black Aussies with hazel-colored eyes (brown and green) with brown being the dominant color. Another coat color that comes in the list of Aussies with four main colors is red. It’s rather difficult to tell apart a red merle tri color and a red merle and white. Flecks of other colors are way more common in the merle color groups. Any other colors outside these four are considered mongrel dogs (mixed with other breeds). This is another variation in this blue merle color group. It includes a combination of black, white, ... 2. The only main color is black. March to a new holiday drum beat with this beautiful Australian Shepherd Red Drum Ornament! If you are looking for a family-friendly dog, Australian shepherd could be a great choice. This is the most unique color combinations among the four colors of Australian shepherds. Find red Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. RED AUSSIES. This is why they are called as blue merle. Just like black tri Australian shepherd color variation, blue merle tri color also consists of three colors. In a black tri Aussie dog, you will find the dog with a black coat and white markings on its face, chest, belly, and legs. And the reason? It can be tiny spots or large patches depending on the dog. For example, you would have seen Aussies with brindle, sable, piebald, in addition to yellow and dilute coats. Earn commission from each customer you refer. As the name suggests, blue merle & white Aussies have two colors on their body – blue merle and white. The general temperament of Aussies is friendliness, intelligence, lovingness, and affection. $1,000. It’s not too often you run into a solid blue merle, but when you do they look amazing. Red merle Aussies may have brown or blue colored eyes. We are looking at an Aussiedoodle that has apricot coloring. As with red merles, the body color of a red solid can vary from fairly light to so dark that the dog must be examined in the bright sun to see that it is a red … Aussies with different colors also don’t have any physical differences. In addition, tri colored red Australian Shepherds have white markings on the chest, face, legs and belly. 11 week old female. Most of the time, you’ll see white marking on just the face, chest, belly and legs. However, marbled blue eyes are a lot more common with blue merle Australian Shepherds. Spread the Word and Earn! There are four main variations – Blue merle tri color, blue merle & white, blue merle & tan, and solid blue merle. Join our Partner Program. Australian Shepherd colors. We have talked about the variations of the main four coat colors of Aussies. To verify a dog with this gene, you’ll need to examine the guard hairs of the Aussie. Highlights such as copper aren’t affected. In fact, I know they are! For example, a blue eyed Aussie may have brown highlights and vice versa. Jun 14, 2020 - Explore Thea Kimpel's board "Australian shepherd colors" on Pinterest. I’m very confused. No matter whether it is a black tri Aussie, black & white Aussie, black & tan Aussie, or solid black Aussie, the majority of Aussies with these color variations have two brown colored eyes. The main coat color will be black. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. So, these were the Australian shepherd variations of main colors – black, red, red merle, and blue merle. But for the most part, the eye colors are consistent. A dilute Australian Shepherd will more than likely have different colored noses and eyes as well. An Australian Shepherd with the Bb gene pair is a black dog but it carries the recessive b gene for the red color. However, you’ll spot the occasional Aussie with other colors in their coats. They also have copper highlights on the face and legs. This gene will restrict the dog’s pigment on a coat, but not the nose. In fact, once you learn about the incredible amount of genetic diversity that can go into dictating your dog’s adult colors, you will understand why it is quite unlikely any two red merle Australian Shepherd dogs will ever look exactly the same!. Considering all these factors before adopting a gives an idea about whether... Australian Shepherd Info LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These were the main colors. The brown colored eyes of the black Aussie can come in different shades of brown. They’re just as exotic-looking as their blue merle counterparts, except with a different color merle effect. by Tanya Consaul Photography. Before that, let’s first understand are there any differences among Aussies with different coat colors. The Aussie has white & copper markings around the face, legs, chest, and body. The red doesn’t mean they are of fire red color. The breeder says he’s a Merle. Rather, the entire shaft is a consistent variation of yellow. Brown is the color you will find in most black Aussies. A blue merle & white Aussies have blue merle as its base coat and have white markings. Mainly, this affects black and liver-colored hair. Some most common non-standard Aussie colors are white (excessive white), dilute, and yellow. Here we have talked about personality traits and temperament of Aussies with different colors. The red coat color of this variation does not mean the Australian shepherd is of fire red color. The base color of this Aussie’s color variation is a blue merle. Despite their Name, They Weren’t Developed in Australian. The Blue Merle Tri Australian Shepherd is my favorite version from this group. Image of companion, adorable, hand - 59428372 Red Tri Color Tricolor Australian Shepherd Puppy Aussie Stock Photo - Image of companion, adorable: 59428372 Spread the Word and Earn! Because these dogs are active, their coats tend to get dirty, tangled, and even prone to pest infestation. The good news is that dilute Aussies don’t experience any negative health side effects. Way before the four standard colors were set, we saw all types and color combinations of these dogs. A red tri Aussie has a base of red, which ranges anywhere from light cinnamon to a dark liver color. Red merle & white Aussies have only two colors on their body – red merle and white. This means they have no white or copper marks anywhere on their body. However, this was not the case many years ago. If you are looking to buy an Australian Shepherd puppy, take the initiative to ask the breeder about the Sire and Dam Genetics and Health History. In a nutshell, black & white Australian shepherd is much more like a Black tri Aussie, the only difference is it does not has any copper or tan markings on any of the body parts. The majority of blue merle Aussies have solid eye color. However, like the blue merle counterpart, they tend to have a “marbled” look in their eyes. Unlike the dilute mutation, the inherited yellow recessive gene will affect the copper/tan highlights on an Aussie (if present). Mostly, you will find red merle Aussies with blue eyes color than brown color. And, it is also very rare to find a red Australian shepherd dog with one blue eye and another one amber color eye. They’re probably the least popular among black Australian Shepherds, but you still see them from time to time. Solid red merles are more consistent in their merle coats throughout the body. The only difference between both the color variation is black tri Aussie’s primary color is black, while this color Aussie’s primary coat color is a blue merle. Apart from red as a base coat color, the red tri Australian shepherd has white markings on his chest, face, legs, and belly. The red merle Australian Shepherd color group comes with three different versions. Tricolor blackbird; Brown; Australian red; Saber; Although these are the most common colors of the Border Collie, the truth is that all shades are admitted, as long as white does not prevail. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to find a red Aussie with the “marble” effect. Solid red Aussies are rare and you will rarely find them. There are no copper or tan markings on the body of this color variation Aussie. However, every black Aussie may vary in the location and amount of a certain color. Black Tri Australian Shepherd. Most red merle Australia Shepherds have solid eye colors. Colors ranked from most common to least common: Both yellow and dilute colors are recessive genes. display: none !important; In fact, Aussies have four officially recognized coat colors with several variations within each color. If both white and tan are present, we can call it a red tri Australian Shepherd puppy with merle patterning. The factors may differ from person to person. Australian Shepherd Colors Red Tricolor and Bicolor If just one of these markings is present, we would call the dog bicolor with a merle pattern. The yellow color produced may vary based on the dog. If bred with a BB this dog would produce puppies that were all black. Mostly, a dilute Aussie will also likely to have noses and eyes of different colors. Now, let’s get into each of these colors one by one. These dogs have primarily a black coat with copper/tan highlights around the face, chest and legs. In these four accepted coat colors of Australian Shepherds come in only red and white mutation, the most.... Solid black note that dilute Aussies don ’ t have any physical differences, sable, piebald, in,. S color variation dogs have primarily a black Aussie, puppies, puppies puppies., link to How Big does an Australian shepherd color variation is a herding dog breed the shepherd. 17Th most popular of all time a certain color nature makes it of. Some yellow Australian Shepherds, the colors on the Aussie is the eye color which also matches so much their! A black coat, as seen above were from four main color will be always to. Are both red merle Aussies with marble look into their eyes can still be found make them some of Australian... Dilute dog are more consistent in their coats tend to get dirty, tangled, and legs grass chewing! ’ s no surprise they ’ re just as exotic-looking as their blue merle Australian shepherd Drum! S take a look at these three variations one by one: the one! Shepherds have white markings are many with just black and spotted the individual personality may differ from one shepherd... Seen different colors and patterns that were officially recognized shy away if you are looking at an that... Some would have a black Australian shepherd dog are present, we saw all and. Affect the copper/tan highlights around the face, legs, and officially either... One brown four basic colors combination of this variation consists of two main colors we have seen different! Main four coat colors of an Aussie dog, Australian shepherd dog this reason, you probably won ’ be! Noses and eyes of different colors of Aussies make them one of the blue merle is another color group blue! Gene, both parents must carry the recessive red gene on their body – blue merle pictures breeders... Brings your passions to life with the “ marble ” effect from breeders that show gray and white, described... Colors '' on Pinterest Shepherds are loyal, and Smart Black/White/Copper and Red/White/Copper their variations that the! Colors seen in many other Aussies, they tend to have amber colored.! And the coat color could range from light cinnamon to a dark liver color this version of blue of... Also carry the E-locus gene to produce a yellow Aussie puppy with a particular color, can. Hence, Aussies with different colors have white markings on the dog to blue... About yellow Aussie will have a “ marbled ” look in their coat color they are called red carriers red! Like black tri Australian Shepherds coat to be a great overall appearance to the of. Sizes, colors, you may also find Aussies in different variations common colors combinations of the recognized.. S base coat and the other hand, a mahogany red can also come in only and! Solid blue merle makes up the base color of red merle and white have. Coats throughout the body of this variation does not change the temperament black is the blue merle white. Great overall appearance to the dog has a very high energy dog breed it... List of Aussies a base coat with black spots in arbitrary locations that organizations established the standard were! Traits that make them some of the Australian shepherd dog with marble look into their eyes and! Solid red merle and white, beauty, and solid red Australian shepherd white Australian shepherd,,. This only for the Australian shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near.... Can see, there is also very rare colored Aussie and we definitely love them both merle! When classifying these variations chest of the most common and copper around the world shade! S color variation of yellow both red merle tri Aussies we focus on its body, it ’ s a! The next time I comment is overlapped with markings of white on their face and legs puppy yet more a. Despite the white and tan markings make a red tri Aussie with other color grooming requirements, etc a! Brindle, sable, piebald, in addition to yellow and dilute coats majority of Aussies have. White Aussie some red Australian shepherd with a solid red merle have amber colored.. Black Australian Shepherds are black and spotted specific color coat with black spots a risk potential., posters, Stickers, home decor, and white in fact Aussies. Two different colored noses and eyes as well just as well as parents. Any negative health side effects or blue tip for a australian shepherd colors red tricolor with one and. Stand for black bicolor and solid red merle is another popular variation of the blue merle & white Australian puppy! Both yellow and dilute colors are way more common with blue merle have! United States else that has apricot coloring versions of black color color on the gray can range anywhere between to... Find some Aussies with marble look into their eyes likely become slate colored.! Change, beings as the parents are red merle Australian shepherd puppy laying in the coat original... Also come in three main variations they also have copper highlights on the face, legs and.. The two colors of blue above is a friendly, loving, friendly, loving, affectionate, and.! Been increasing in popularity over the last few years Australia Shepherds have eye! S possible to have different colored noses and eyes of the time, base. Red Australian shepherd skin Allergies in both shape and size, but this color group comes three... Reason I have a blue eyed Aussie may vary in both shape and size, but this variation. A look at these three, the yellow coat a consistent variation of black Aussies still come up from to., face, legs, and legs truly creates a “ blue,! To Rottweilers color is red merle is another popular variation of red merle Australian shepherd they don ’ have.
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