3 Elements of Exquisite Sex and Divine Writing

3 Elements of Exquisite Sex and Divine Writing

The lusty photo drew me in first with its tasteful mingling of eroticism and artistry. Next, the word exquisite made eye contact and winked at me.  Alluring, but ultimately it was heightened curiosity that led me to the intense pleasure of reading the Exquisite Lover series by Jack of F*cking in Brooklyn.  Jack’s lascivious and pleasingly poetic words […]

Park the Panic:Insomnia Solutions for Incessant Thinkers

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The worries usually take hold between two and four A.M. It’s a time in my sleep cycle when consciousness rouses me like a tangled bedsheet.  Sometimes this quiet pre-morning arousal is beautiful.  Sometimes it is a time of free-flowing clarity; awareness stripped of distractions and noise.  Other times the peace and gauziness of half-sleep are replaced with the clicks and whirrs of […]

Lose Your Mind and Feel Awesome: How Seth Godin and Steve Jobs Move Us

 I have discovered how powerful it is to stop the barreling bullet train of thoughts that rip through my mind and just FEEL.  In fact, switching from thinking to feeling is an addiction I do not fight, but  feed.  Like all addictions, it feels like I cannot LIVE without it.  It is a difficult habit to maintain because most people find thinking so […]

Need Energy? How to Get It Without Caffeine or Extra Sleep

I entered the ice-blue and transparent Apple store.  The openness and clean lines felt more refreshing than cold. There were plenty of i-products to play with, each subtly leashed to a simple table and pleasingly surrounded by free space.  I glanced around and noticed the store was busy.  At 6pm the afterwork crowd was present but speaking in […]

How Quiet Places Could Save the World

  Remember when coffee shops were the bohemian or introvert hangouts?  Thanks to Starbucks and the $5 cup of coffee, the scene is a place to, well, be seen AND heard.  It’s everyone’s hangout. More like a 50s malt shop than a setting for poetry readings. I miss the introspective and muted atmosphere. Last week […]

There’s Nothing Wrong with You. You’re an Introvert.

  It is 2006 and I have everything.  My husband is making professional athlete money as an executive at a hedge fund.  We have three healthy, beautiful, active, children.  We recently moved into a spacious and impressive home.  I am getting to know people by throwing dinner parties for my husband’s co-workers and attending neighborhood […]