Puberty for the Second Time: A Transition Not a Mid-Life Crisis

  I’m going through puberty again.  No my breasts are not budding and I am not consulting Judy Blume books, but I am transforming into a grown up…again.  This time I have twenty years of hindsight and hard-knocks to guide me.  This time instead of doing what my friends do, I am out on my […]

Is It Time to Tweak Your Recipe for Life?

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 in Emotions and Energy, Parenting | 3 Comments

I like to have a recipe. I can make anything with a recipe.  I’m not afraid to try exotic dishes or difficult techniques, as long as they are spelled out.  I could follow the instructions of an old-world Italian lady and make some fabulous gnocchi but I would beg her to write down the steps […]

The Universe Provides: Treasure Found at a Flea Market

Posted on Nov 11, 2011 in Emotions and Energy, Parenting | 3 Comments

It’ Sunday morning.  I am in sweats. A bandana covers my unshowered hair.  I desperately need to run; be on the trails working through my thoughts in cathedral quiet woods, but my kids have other plans.  Let’s go to the flea market, they beg.  It’s the last one for the season, they say. It is not hard […]

4 Steps to Love and Independence

4 Steps to Love and Independence

Self-love brings to mind: me time, positive affirmations, massage therapy and um masturbation. Guess what?  There’s way more to it than that. We all know we need to love ourselves before dragging someone else into the mix, yet time and time again couples break up and within weeks one or both of them is in a serious […]

Poky Puppies and Hares with ADD: The Benefits of Taking It Slow

You know sometimes I try To take it fast in this life But it gets me down And I fall to my knees I take it wisely There’s no time, no time I got no time to keep up with you ~Mark Mallman, Baby Takes it Slow I plod along at 5.7 MPH on a […]

The Sweetness of Self-Reliance:How One Married Mom-Lady Found Her Way Home

The soul grounds us and the spirit frees us to soar.  ~ James Jordan, The Musician’s Spirit I constantly dream about my college years and my time as a singleton living in Chicago.  It’s as if my subconscious is stuck in my early twenties.  In my dreams, I am on endless walks across vast green […]