What It's Really Like to End a Marriage Pt. 2: Money, Mediation and Accounts

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 in Processing Divorce, Relationships | 2 Comments

We sat in the divorce mediator’s well appointed waiting room. Good cologne and flavored coffee mingled in the air.  My then husband, Jeff, and I filled out separate forms attached to clip-boards. A Keurig coffee machine sat between us. Our drive over together was chatty and not entirely uncomfortable; a mixture of first date, sheep-to-slaughter and […]

First One Over the Wall:What It’s Really Like to End a Marriage and Start Over

After we started the divorce process, my ex-husband made the comment, You’re the first one over the wall. At the time, I knew of several women who found their marriages deeply unfulfilling and/or unbearable. Even though they were miserable they were afraid to take the leap and end it. Now I wondered if they were watching to […]

Wealthy People and Intellectuals Used to Intimidate Me

When I was younger I glorified wealthy people.  I thought they were smarter (how else would they get so much money?) and socially gifted.  They were superior and uncommon — exposed to better food, housing and worldly experiences.  The fact that they could afford better vacations and mingle with other wealthy people gave them such […]

Healing Through Community: Helping Kids and Parents Process Divorce

Healing Through Community: Helping Kids and Parents Process Divorce

The kids are sick, the internet is down, school projects are piling up and my ex-husband is out of town for the week.  I have no family in the area and my friends have their own overloaded lives. I see no help or space to regroup in the near future. Doing it all alone puts […]

Seriously Distracted and Loving It

What if my kids don’t have perfect grades, hair and manners?  What if I don’t put together the perfect blog post?  What if I blow off a few things on my to-do list? What if I just let myself enjoy all the experiences and distractions that arise in my day? It’s incredibly hard for me […]

Power Tools and Empowerment: Every Day a Little Bit Stronger

Doesn’t happen overnight but you turn around And a month’s gone by and you realize you haven’t cried … I’m busy getting stronger ~ Sara Evans, A Little Bit Stronger You’re not helpless!  My mom would say when I hesitated or balked about doing something intimidating to me, like mowing the lawn. Despite her affirmation, I […]