2 Ingredients 2 Kick-Start Love

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A Beginning  The white pristine bedding mirrored the possibilities of city lights twinkling outside the hotel window.  Both were pure and unexplored six years ago when my husband, Jeff, and I first arrived in Minneapolis for his initial interviews for a hedge fund position.  We were sans children (home with grandparents) and giddy with the […]

How the Rain King of Rock Outshines His Personal Storm

Greatness lives on the edge of destruction – Will Smith I can still see Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Counting Crows, spinning on stage, eyes closed, arms outstretched, face tilted toward the night sky.  He absorbs and reflects moonbeams and spotlights as a stripped down version of Rain King swirls around him.  He’s connected […]

Thoughts for the Thoughtful

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Do you have a desire to recreate your life?  Are you stumbling over obstacles like fear and inertia?  The newsletter Thoughts for the Thoughtful from the Highly Sensitive Person Publishing Company addresses those issues and provides gentle, mindful ways to move forward.  **You may recognize the author of this month’s guest post as well.:)  I […]

Getting Back to Good: Surviving Pressure to Succeed

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 I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It’s not all exotic trips, personal trainers and daydreaming at my house.  Yes, the home behind the blog is flawed.  Last week was especially trying.  The air was thick and suffocating, the floor was sprinkled with eggshells and the corners were piled with gunpowder awaiting the tiniest […]

Visions and Missions and Goals, Oh My! or What the Heck is Space2live About??

Pay attention.  Reflect.  Evolve. Space2live is about self-fulfillment. Self-actualization. Dragging your weary self out of the squirrely world of fast, more and do and finding space to slow down, with less and BE. Be who you are and not what you should be. PAY ATTENTION. Discover your essence and notice that of others. Discover your spirit […]

What I Learned from a Guitar Guru

  Three and a half years ago I was deciding whether or not to take guitar lessons.  Underneath the veil of the simple decision were all the possibilities that playing music brings.  It was a chance to move into an artistic world of musicians, writers, creators.  A world that seemed so magical, meaningful and for […]